The Book That Will Transform the Lives of Many Youths: Inflammable Mindset, The Art of Critical Thinking The Book That Will Transform the Lives of Many Youths: Inflammable Mindset, The Art of Critical Thinking
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It just took me 11 months to bring my book into existence after writing it for 3 months… and this comes right away after discovering my purpose, in 2018, December.

I am not trying to crap or bring things up but try showing you how powerful we really are when we are capable of using our minds.

Sometimes, I felt like maybe I am dreaming… isn’t really… but my real consciousness assures me. Then I wake up and tell myself “wake up Gilda Given, it’s true

And I was thinking, am I the first one having this kind of dream or what? Surely isn’t — probably not.

Noticing that I thought it might be really good to quickly highlighting the best lessons, and they all come from my book on WHY many of us fail to attain that which we always wish to be, do or have.

First, In My Book, I Talked About What Holds Many of Us Back and Not Attain That Which We Always Desire to Attain

It is to be free with yourself and be free with others too — saying No when you want to or saying Yes the time you feel like.

I highlighted the most three paradigms that hold many of us back but we are unaware of them.

The time we start being aware of them our mind comes into the real sense (consciousness) hence we start making better decisions from our real consciousness.

So it’s for you to bring your mind into consciousness and let things unfold from it.

I Wrote About How It’s So Important to Live Within Your Purpose

Many people really don’t know what they really, really, really want in life.

I was among those who were so frustrated, unhappy, unfocused, and depressed before. I didn’t know what I wanted in life.

I didn’t know what I was standing for or even fighting for. I couldn’t have a real core purpose of doing something and be inspired from within.

Even if it happens by that time you asked me, where do you see yourself 5 to 10 years to come, I wouldn't be able to answer that kind of question — I didn’t know who I was.

Is it really motivations is garbage? You will never understand until it works or maybe when you figure it out.

But this is what I found, it’s only when you are inspired from within you can do something,(and inspiration comes from your own purpose) as you will be in spirit and not even a thing can stop you from your own commitments.

I have shared different ways of finding your purpose and what kind of the right questions to start with to bring your subconscious mind into work and cooperate with you.

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I Also Shared How It Is So Important to Be a Creator in This World Rather Than a Competitor

But in the end, we never do anything crucial but we end up with the wish, hoping, should, and want without doing anything important.

Believe me, there is just one part of us that loves competition with others, and we can all learn to remove that part to have a better version of who we are — and become original.

So why struggling in the competition state while you can create your own self?

The Inflammable Mindset book will answer all of your unanswered questions on that.

I Shared Why It’s So Important to Start with WHY When Envisioning for Anything

But how can we bring our subconscious mind into work?

By starting with the right questions — where those questions will disrupt your past self and give you new values to your subconscious mind to act.

Have you ever think what kind of questions can disrupt your subconscious mind and bring a superb mind into work?

Inflammable Mindset book got all of the questions :)

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How to Get Started to Live That Which Is Within You

There is where many of us live in OPTIONS rather than CHOICES.

But wait,

But do we really get started? Nope! Maybe only 30% out of 100%.

And do you know WHY? Why we aren’t doing what we say we will do?
Why we aren’t living what we say we will live? Or why we aren’t having what we say we will have?

Is it because of time, money, people, or life situations — or what we call difficulties?

Your mind is such a big liar but Inflammable Mindset book can figures it out for you.

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I Would Love to Close This by Saying This…

It just needs some time to recognize that. But it should not be something either to stress you or mistreat you. If you did not figure out until now as — all is perfect.

Another way, no one to either blame or to cream. It is only you who can turn the situation, from where you are right now to where you want to be and with your only powerful tool that you have — the mind.

But before doing that, you have to change your mindset perceptions, accept responsibility, and see the world in a different way. And Inflammable Mindset: The Art of Critical Thinking will be your perfect guide for whatever goal or dreams you may wish or want to achieve — for whatever thing you may wish to be, do or have.

When you change your mindset — the way you think and do things, you change your life too. It is a guarantee Inflammable Mindset book will transform your life.

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Namaste! :)


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