At Empower Growth Mindset is our mantra; it drives and underpins our values allowing us to do better and be better. Coaching is a key way to ensure that you are continuously growing your skills and influence is a professional. Our coaching platform will allow you to do just that. We have an array of topics and experienced practitioners in various fields. If you are interested in pursuing further growth at your own pace and convenience do browse below our coaching options.

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Screening Interview

The first step in ensuring that you are an active Empower member. We will assess your interview skills as well as provide you with feedback and tips to excel in future interviews.

Career Coaching

If you are looking to make your next career move, we are here to listen, guide, advise and prepare you for success. We can provide 1-1 skills development and support ensuring you are ready for your next career challenge.


Are you looking for professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal emotional problems or how to navigate a difficult situation in your life? Connect with a certified counsellor today.

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