The Art of Accepting Yourself! The Art of Accepting Yourself!
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Do you know that they are many people who do not accept themselves and appreciate themselves for who they are?

(Yes, I was among them. I meant I was — btw, really fun when I recall those moments 😅).

They are filled with lots of insecurities in them and it doesn’t matter how things are they will always find a way or a reason to be offended.

They will feel bad, judge themselves, or criticize others for whatever thoughts have been pushed on them.

I also understand that others need to act with sympathy and be loving towards others — yet none will make a difference in front of an insecure person.

No matter how good you will be to them, they will always find a reason to be offended and use others as their excuse for how they feel.

Reading this today — you truly need to cross-check yourself and ask yourself what are my own insecurities. And start paying attention to healing them, especially when they got triggered.

If you constantly find yourself hateful towards others or you feel jealous towards others — there must be something inside of you that needs to be worked on.

As connecting with others from that dimension only evokes who you truly are and it’s time to pay attention to what your emotions are telling you about yourself and start working on yourself.


I had to learn this the hard way especially when I met someone who I thought they were different from me and they got it all or they are simply living the life that I wish to live — the life of my dream.

I would feel different around them and start being hateful for who they are — yet right now, what I know for sure is that my ego (the false image of me) feels attacked simply because it doesn’t have what it wants.

If you are aware enough, the moment those feelings emerged — you will get back to yourself and ask yourself what are my feeling trying to tell me?

As it’s not the person that you think you hate who made you feel that way but it’s what inside you come out after being triggered — of which is hate.

Start journaling your feelings and emotions and start understanding them and work on improving yourself.

And you are not a bad person.

No one is ever a bad person. It’s just that you become joyful and sometimes miserable.

Most of those feelings emerged due to the life that we had when we were younger.

We were not appreciated, treasured, or have a sense of feeling worthy for who we were.

Now those feelings are turned back and hunt us in a different way — of which causes us so many insecurities yet if we became aware they will all disappear.

Speaking from my personal experience, there is great hope ahead if we choose to heal ourselves.

Let us not give up on ourselves.

Let’s choose to be joyful beings.

As, at the core — that’s the truth of who we really are as humans :)

All else is secondary.

Gilda Given :)



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Gilda Given
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Gilda Given

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