Be Inspired. But. Do not Get Lost. Be Inspired. But. Do not Get Lost.
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If you ever watch Rango it's an animated movie that has lots of lessons.

In one part Rango found himself in a new city yet didn't know what to do with his life. While walking around the street for the first time he thought maybe he could just try to walk like anyone who walks around the city sadly enough find that it doesn't work for him.

As every person by then had their own moves and it didn't matter how he tried to be like them it works terribly for him and others look at him like someone who lost his mind.

Now we do not need to be like Rango, to just find out that copying what others are doing (copying their walks) isn’t going to do any good for us.

I know they are a lot of people who are doing lots of great things and amazing things and some of us wish to walk their walks.

Watching them on TV, following them on social media, reading about them, or even having a chance to meet them and have a conversation with them truly inspires us and we surely wish to be where they are now.

It's a good motive and it can truly inspire us to do things in a different way.

However, the problems start to happen when we find ourselves focusing too much on what they do, their lives, their activities, and their goodness, and forget who we truly are.

We are inspired by them —yet deep inside we do turn ourselves into a self critics mode and start ceasing our own growth, and our personal struggle and hate the journey that we are going through.

We compare, lose trust in ourselves, and start seeing what we do isn’t worthy enough compare to what they do.

I am glad you are reading this today and I would like to remind you that you always need to stick to your own values and nature.

Yes, listen to those who inspire you, follow their stories and what they do but do not get lost in them and find yourself in the middle of no-where at the end.

You need to only be inspired by them but isn't necessary to do what they do, think like how they think, or start acting as how they act — trying so hard to duplicate their action or be who they are.


You have your own values.

You are your own nature.

Every human being has their own value.

Every human being has their own nature.

The things that they truly believe and trust to be true to themselves and the things that connect with who they truly are — deep inside.

We need to stick to who we truly are.

To the things that we have chosen to stand up with, to be identified with and we want others to recognize us by them.

It can be family, business, spirituality, goodness, social issues, etc.

You have your own purpose — what works for someone isn't necessary it has to work for you

There’s time for anything. You have your own timeline and everyone has a different story. And if you are truly sure that one-day others will sit down and listen to your story — you wouldn't worry so much about that but you will keep working on your dreams and keeping up with your timeline.

You have your own God-given gifts — always choose to embrace and use them. It’s like God intends you to be a good writer now you don't want to write but you want to sing. Trust me, it won't work. I know you might say — Oooh! I will learn, I will attend class, etc.

Sure you can do that and it will somehow work yet not in God’s way. As they are a lot of rewards that God tends to bless every human being with when they use what He has given them.

I didn't say it wouldn't work. But it wouldn't in God's way.

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