Chill. Relax. It Will Never Be 100% Your Way Chill. Relax. It Will Never Be 100% Your Way
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Haha! How fun it is to just get mad or hate someone simply because they didn’t/don’t act your way or as to how you have envisioned them to be — really fun! 😂

We are human beings.

Never perfect yet full of mercy.

While living with other fellow humans we need to realize and understand that things will never happen 100% our way.

So we need to learn to accept and respond consciously when things do not happen our way and I think we all need to master this ability.

And it doesn’t matter how we want things to be — if what happens around us involves people, different situations, or different life events (anything outside ourselves) then things will never happen 100% our way.

If you are among those people when things do not happen as to how you have expected them to happen (your way) and found yourself feeling depressed, stressed, or mad then you need to ask yourself what’s happening inside of you.

As what I know for sure is that isn’t people who make us angry or mad, isn’t life that makes us angry or mad — it’s what’s inside of us that shows up (manifests itself) in a different way and unconsciously starts using other people or life as our excuse for the way we feel.

It’s never about the other person. It will never be. It is never about what we call life either. It will never be. It's what is inside of us.

Therefore, we need to turn inward and ask, what really bothers me, what really triggers my feelings? What makes me act that way or this way? What makes me feel mad, depressed, or angry?

Or putting it in a better way — it’s good if every one of us understands our own insanity, be conscious enough to realize our own insanity, and takes care of it (taking care of what’s happening within us).

Once you learn how to turn-in — you will come to a great realization that lots of stuff we carry inside us need to be healed but because we didn’t do the work it appears outside ourselves (on others) in different dimensions — resentment, anger, depression, guilt, anxiety, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc.

I also understand that our true nature is full of pure love and the moment we are not operating from that dimension (of love or of any goodness) the feeling of bad emotions emerged as an indicator to remind us that we need to get back to our true nature (of which is pure love).

The more we fight that nature (which is full of love, kindness, full of goodwill, inspiration, cooperation, giving, etc) that’s where we find ourselves depressed, stressed, unhappy, or without peace.

So when things do not happen your way and you find out that you are mad, not at peace, sad, depressed, or stressed the only thing that you need to realize is that things aren’t always going to happen your way — and they will never will.

First, you need to let others be and act as to how they are, and secondly, you need to ask what triggers your emotions as that will let you know what’s inside you. And lastly, just get happy anyway.

Personalize It Even More.

If what’s inside of me is anger, stress, depression, unhappiness, or anxiety — what will be the root cause of that situation?

And if it’s not the other person who makes me feel this/that way or act this/that way — then what’s inside of me?

What kind of juice am I producing if someone squeezes me and I am an Apple fruit?

Do they get Apple juice or a whole bunch of different things?

If it’s not Apple juice and I am an Apple fruit then something must be wrong inside of me!

I need to fix my nature so that others can get Apple juice from my nature when they choose to squeeze me for a glass of juice.

Can I find a way to fix it? Can I find a way to heal myself?

As things will always not going to happen my way in this life.

Worry doesn’t help either.

Blaming would also make things worse.

I choose to go back home.

I think I need to fix myself

The world is perfectly fine. It doesn't need fixing, and so do others.

I am the one who needs to change

I am the one who needs to fix myself.

Gilda Given :)



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