Life’s Happening Now. Do Not Postpone It! Life’s Happening Now. Do Not Postpone It!
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When I get someone who truly loves me I will be peaceful and joyful.

If I had X amount of money I will do it.

If I had a car I will go and visit somewhere amazing.

If I only knew how to speak English well I would make it.

Just let me worry. Until my results come then I will be happy.

Until I get healed 100% then I will be happy.

One day if I get what I truly want I will be happy.

Is there any of the phrase there that resonates with you?

If yes then I want to let you know that life always happens in the present moment.

Life is happening now. Do not postpone it.

And no amount of past or future will change the fact that your life is happening now.

It doesn’t matter what you are thinking, pausing not to think or skipping — still, life is happening.

It doesn’t matter what kind of situation you are facing now or what kind of circumstances you are going through — still, life is happening.

It never stops.

Your heart still beats. Blood still circulated within your body. Hair still grows. Breathing is surely happening naturally now whether you notice it or not. Life never stops.

If you pay attention you can witness the in and out of your breathing. It’s just that life always happens and what we really need to do is to pay attention to life itself.

Instead of investing so much of our time in the future or past, let’s learn to appreciate and pay attention to what we have in the now and learn to be alive with our presence.

As life is happening in the now and it’s our lack of presence that causes all the pain and suffering.

Which only brings out guilty, resentment or bitterness, anxiety, stress, depression and so many negative states that disconnect us from the present moment.

As human beings — we are the powerful creatures of God, and we need to understand that a life that is consisting of too much of our future or past in our head — is a life that never does us good. What we need to do is to dwell on the present moment and learn to be aware of what is happening in the now.

Dwelling in the now releases joy, peace, contentment, or happiness and we surely do need to be in that state to be connected to our nature and get what we truly want.

If we aren’t in that state — it’s like communicating to God that we do not want what we are desiring from him.

Let's imagine this scenario.

You are a child. Asking your father for a greater gift — it’s your calmness, peace, and happiness that always bring such a gift (what you have required from your father) into your presence. But if you are full of worry, and anxiety (just like how many adults do) then it’s hard to get it as you are just blowing the blessings away.

Why should you be given something if you aren't happy now? Even if you get it you still wouldn't be happy anyway.

Or it’s for me to simply say that if you are a father and you have 2 children.

One is asking for something that he/she truly want yet with murmuring, resentment, unhappiness, and most of the time blame.

However the other child asks with eagerness, elation, passion, and happiness, he/she is filled with peace & joy and worries less.

Who will you give to in your father's position?

As you think so does God.

Learn to understand life in different dimensions and always learn to be joyful and also see things through God's eye.

As it’s all in divine order and that was then — this is now.

Life is happening now.

This moment.

Be here.


Gilda Given :)



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Gilda Given

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