The World Isn't Designed to Make You Happy! The World Isn't Designed to Make You Happy!
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Dear humans, facing life’s greatest challenge should be something to be grateful for in life.

Telling you that you might be thinking maybe I am crazy or out of my mind, but I will let you know why you should keep doing that especially if you are a human and still alive.

If you are having a hard time or facing any uncertain moment, know life has a message for you and what you are just required is to be open and learn something from it.

My spiritual teacher, master Eckhart Tolle once said that

“Do not expect this world to make you happy because happiness does not derive from this world. This world is not designed to make you happy, it’s designed to challenge you. If you believe this world is designed to make you happy then you are going to be very angry because you will always realize your life isn’t working all the time.”

Life is designed to challenge us and not to make us happy. So if you think life is designed to make you happy all the time then you will be so disappointed as it will never do that.

Things will go wrong, not one time but over and over again.

You will solve your financial issue; the relationship problem will arise.

You will get done with your relationship problem, and soon enough your health problem will arise.

This simply means that things never end but they come and go. As humans, we need to be aware of and accept that.

My advice should be, to stop blaming or thinking that you are unlucky in this world or life is so miserable. Stop being a victim and mad at what you are facing at the moment.

What you are supposed to do is to be open to life and see what messages it tells you. Believe me, life is our greatest teacher ever. If we can all learn to learn from it, we will have a magnificent moment even when facing, or solving those challenges.

And this communicates that

The more pain you get in life the wiser you become. Don’t run away from the pain. Face it and learn something from it.

Btw, I wrote an entire article about pain, click HERE to read.


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