The Spiritual Lessons You’ll Ever Learn! The Spiritual Lessons You’ll Ever Learn!
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Who Are You Really?

Are you just a name, your body, or what else do you think you are?

I know most of us when we pause and ask ourselves such kind of question, we can realize that we are more just as human beings — and that means we are not this body rather than spiritual beings who have a human experience.

Well, I am not Eckhart Tolle nor Dr. Wayne Dyer, however, in this article, I will share with you what that means to be a spiral being who is having a human experience using my own experience.

I will share some of the spiritual practices and lessons really helping me in my day-to-day life after realizing that I am a spiritual being, and it involves all the experiences that (we) humans need to pass through so that we can grow and express ourselves to the highest self or living up to — our potential.

As a human being, the followings are the lessons that you will need to live up to embrace the spiral being within you and trust me, you will make a shift in your life.

Accept “What Is”

For whatever we are facing or passing through at the moment — good or bad, high or low — as spiritual beings, we have the power to let those things ruin or hurt us or see them from far as an experience and let them pass through us.

Precisely, we’ll be able to do that if we always learn to accept what is. For anything that comes in our way, there is no need to feel bad and act as victims while keep questioning why bad things happen to us and saying it shouldn’t happen, rather — we’ll need to accept what is and keep having those experiences that really grow us as human beings.

Allow Gaps To Happen

It’s crystal clear that most humans are creatively busy. They don’t really know what is happening at the moment — shortly, most humans aren’t present.

If humans have the ability to allow the gaps to happen, it means that we give our minds the choice to decide what is good for us and what isn’t.

For instance, you might find people are fighting because of something — just the little things. But in reality (let’s say behind the scene) that happens because none of them managed to allow the gap between their emotions and what they are facing to happen, and have a choice to choose what to really respond to.

Not only do gaps allows us to see what to respond to, yet it also gives us the ability to be more creative, and find solutions to some of the problems that we are facing and there is where miracles happen — in the present moment.

Enjoy Life And Make The Best of It

It’s true that life always has its ups and downs. What you are facing now can be different from what you were facing in the past.

As spiritual beings, we need to understand that both of these experiences matter to let ourselves grow. It is, good or bad, happy or unhappy moments — they are all here to teach us and grow us to the next version of ourselves ever.

So, if you aren’t enjoying your life, thinking I cannot do that because I am this then, you haven’t lived yet. The real purpose in life is to enjoy it. Let your soul experience every moment in the human being's experience.

And for every goal, vision, or dream to come true, we have to enjoy and let those blessings come our way. Joyfulness is the way — it's the light to our souls. Joyfulness is the light that can unlock our inner energy.

Live in joy and I know sometimes things happen differently— yet, you aren’t on planet Earth to just suffer, remember that.

Let Go of Attachments!

I know it’s natural for humans to allow people, situations, events, or even material things to define who they are.

That is why for those people who are always busy chasing happiness, like after having a lot of money I will be happy or after marrying a woman of my dream or a man of my dream I will be happy — they come to realize that doesn’t work either.

And I have noticed this, many rich people most of them aren’t happy and some poor people are really happy — it is because poor people have nothing to lose — they aren’t attached to anything. Not money or any material things.

But rich people are too attached to whatever that they have. They are attached to titles, positions, money, or even people around them — and the time all of them went away they lose their inner peace, happiness, and joy in life (and I didn’t say that staying poor is nice — don't even buy into that idea, get rich, get really rich).

This is why people die from heart attacks and kill themselves. People are so depressed and stressed all the time because of those attachments as they fail to realize that none of those materials are theirs.

One of my greatest teachers once taught me that “If you think who you are is what you do or have, the time you do not have any of them you are nothing”.

I hope people could realize this.

As spiritual beings, we need to be rich and possess whatever that we want to, need to, or be to— yet, be none attached to any of them.

Shake And Change Things

As a spiritual being having a human experience, I always ask big and employ questions of my creator.

I don’t really want to live my life with no meaning — meaningless. I don’t want to just read Nyerere's history, Nelson Mandela's history, or keep watching Oprah and Ellen on big screens doing their astounding job — I want to write and make my own history too.

And it’s my belief that I will. This is how spiritually teaches me, to live fully — be of service to others and live that which you were intended to live.

To free people from who they used to be to who they were intended to be and live their life fully and express themselves too.

Doing that, you really have to be eccentric and get out of this world — shortly, you have to bend reality by changing things and shake them until you get your truth — until you self-recognize yourself and follow that path — and sometimes, it can be just alone.

Be Present

The present is the only currency that you have. Master Eckhart Tolle once wrote in one of his books, The Power of Now.

We should really forget about the past as it’s already gone and we can do nothing about it.

For the future, it doesn’t matter how much we choose to worry about it as we don’t have power over it. So it’s better you leave it to God to take care of it (and that doesn’t mean you should stop working or planning for your future)

After all of that, you will realize that the only moment that you have is now, so enjoy it and make the best of it — be present, focus on what you can do today.

Forgive And Let Go So That You Can Grow

If you hold any resentment or hate towards anyone…

First; you are not hurting the other person but you are hurting yourself.

Second; you are blocking the inner energy that gives you power, peace, happiness, and joy to glow and flow within you (no wonder you are mad all the time)

Third; you are giving your power away as you are holding someone a hostage in your mind and it kills you deep inside — what a mess :(

So what you should do then?

Just drop it and let it go — it’s that simple.

Yet, I know it’s really tough to do that but I remember this scripture from the Bible that says “If there is a will there is a way”

Develop a Will first and ask God for His help. He will surely uplift you. He never fails anyone.

Be In the “Non”

In the void of no-thing’ness, there is always something happening — Eckhart Tolle.

This is totally true as the verse from Lao Tzu says “God does nothing but leaves nothing undone or Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished.”

Non-resistance, non-attachment, and non-judgmental always enrich us for better decisions.

In reality, it doesn’t mean every time we have to do everything but sometimes we have to allow the gap to happen for things to happen.

90% of What Your Mind Is Telling You Is a Lie

If 90% of what your mind is telling you is a lie, the solution should and could be — to stop listening to your mind — sometimes.

Our mind is a very creative and destructive liar of all time (especially if you don't know how to monitor it). And it will support you always whether you are against it or supporting it.

It’s like that kind of hypocritical friend. The time you are angry at someone they will support you and the time you are talking about the good about the same person they will also support you — whether it be about Simba or Yanga, your mind will always support you.

But the time you start to use your mind as a creation tool, you will see a big shift. You need to be an observer to your mind (the conscious being) and do not let your mind uses you and you will have a choice.

Use your mind as a creation tool.

“I am not a human being, but a spiritual being who is having a human experience “ — Gilda Given


It’s my hope that you grabbed a thing today :)

Let me know in the comment box below yet, if you clap for this article, could sound great too :)

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Gilda Given
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Gilda Given

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