How to Release/Let Go of Stress, Anxiety or Depression! How to Release/Let Go of Stress, Anxiety or Depression!
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The only reason why people are so stressed or depressed in today's world — is that they aren't willing to accept what is.

What happened to them, what’s happening to them or what hasn't happened to them and failed to be in the present moment — in the now.

Being where they were yesterday — thinking too much about what is going to happen today about yesterday.

Being where they are today — thinking too much about what is going to happen tomorrow about today.

Being where they were yesterday and today — thinking too much about what is going to happen in the future.

Completely forgetting about what is happening in the now — in the present moment.

It might come in the form of guilty, stress, depression or wishful thinking, and forgetting the present moment.

If you got the chance to read a profound book by Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, it explained this even better.

However, in this article, I want to share with you my personal experience — that which works for me when dealing with stress or depression.

I have 3 ways that you can use to release stress or depression.

Accept what is!

I know it's sometimes hard to accept what has happened to you or what is happening to you.

But in reality, what happened has already happened and it doesn't matter what you think about what happened — you will never change anything about what happened. It is done.

If you feel guilty because of what happened, or if you feel bad because of what happened — you don't have any power to change anything about that, so feeling guilty, or bad won't help a thing.

But if you say to yourself…

What can I do differently about what happened or what can I learn here — then the situation isn't affecting you and it's a way of taking your power to come up with a better solution.

If you fight back — what happened, will just create a worse situation.

If you cry it's all fine as you are allowing yourself to feel the emotions and choosing to let them go.

It might be breaking up with your loved ones, losing that job or someone stealing that important thing from you — accept what is, and do not fight.

The more you fight the situation the more it persists as what we tend to fight always persists and the egoic mind loves such a game.

Write down your thoughts, don't ever hold anything

Whatever you are feeling, write it down. Don’t hold it.

There’s power in writing about what you are feeling.

This is more about our spirituality and how the universe's energy really affects us.

Thoughts are energy. The emotions that we hold are also energy.

If we don't find a place to throw and dump that energy it always comes back and affects us.

We can always use what we have to release that energy and that is a piece of paper and pen.

Write all that you are feeling down like you are talking to a friend or a close person next to you.

Once you are done — dust all papers out.

If you can burn them completely into ashes.

Do it. See what will happen next.

Say this phrase “That was then, this is now”

Trust me, this phrase is really powerful.

I use it, I know how powerful it is.

If we have the power to realize that we have the power to respond to what happened or what’s happening — then that means; we can always be aware that — it was then and this is now.

Then ask yourself — what should I do in the now?

What should I do so that I can focus on the now?

As that was then but this is now.

This phrase gives you the power to look at a bad situation from a different lens.

That was then this is now, what should I do about now?

If it’s something in your control — do something.

If it’s something out of your control — let it go. Leave it to God. You can’t control it anyway — why bother?

In the end, no amount of worry will change anything, not even a thing.

Give up worrying and learn to be joyful.

Even if you wouldn’t life will still happen anyway. 🤗

Happy New Year!

Gilda Given :)



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