How To Read a Book! How To Read a Book!
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If you always find reading boring or frustrating, try these 2 minutes hacks and make reading easier for you!

1. Pick the Right Book 📚

Any reading can be boring if you don’t know what you want to read and have the right books on your list. Making reading easier starts with selecting the right book you will enjoy reading it.

Like my side, I love reading personal growth books related to mindfulness or philosophy, and entrepreneurship books based on business development in general.

Just find your niche, make a list of your favorites books categories, and use it as a blueprint to help you choose even what to read next.

2. Listen To Audio Books (I use this method a lot!)

For those who find reading frustrating or boring, Audiobooks are a great help and they can also be used alternatively to help make reading more enjoyable.

You may opt to use Audiobook apps like Audible, Amazon Kindle, or Google Play Books or download third-party applications like WPS Office for iPhone users or Speechify for any phone user that can read for you.

It works on any online document format from PDF files to other word formats.

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Gilda Given
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Gilda Given

I am a Yoga Instructor and also a content creator who loves to write, design, or narrate content and then share them on Youtube, Books, or other media handle platforms. Working with Fitabo, and Coral Beach Hotel.

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