Do You Love Yourself Enough? Do You Love Yourself Enough?
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1. Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

Trust me, comparison can steal your joy.

It can steal your peace and make you hate yourself.

Understand that you are a unique being, for whatever others are doing or being at their best — you also have the ability to cultivate your great abilities and become better at your best.

You aren’t supposed to be mad at yourself for not accomplishing your goals at a certain period of time compared to others.

We do have different timelines in this universe if we understand what plan God has for us.

Things still work out if we do not give up on who we would like to become.

Things will work out if we keep working on ourselves, on our dreams, and not giving up on what God intends us to be.

2. Appreciate All of Your Squabbles and Praise Yourself

So many people are agast us already.

Now it will be a dumb decision if you also choose to be against yourself.

We criticize ourselves so many times.

When we do something wrong we tend not to forgive ourselves.

When other people upset us we tend not to forgive them yet not knowing we are just hurting ourselves.

I would advise you today to always stand up for yourself.

You need to be your number one fan — no matter how things will turn out to be. You need to cherish yourself no matter what you did went right or wrong.

Always learn to cherish the inconveniences that grow the deepest part of you and embrace it. As in every event in life — whether it be good or bad, there is always a lesson to learn.

Take the lesson, move on — do not ever put yourself down.

3. Always Do Your Way

You are a uniquely being and you were born differently.

You do have your inner ability to do things creatively, so always learn to love what you do and apply your own creativity to it!

We all have what it takes to be great — it’s just a matter of understanding ourselves from the inside out.

And that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn from others.

Learn from them but keep embracing your own creativity.

4. Focus More on Your Strengths Rather than Weaknesses

Focusing on your weakness always weakens you.

But if you focus on your strength — you will always find strength within.

It’s prettier good to focus on what can be done for now with what you have.

Doing that will reduce feelings of insecurity and feelings of inferiority.

Along the way — opt to upgrade yourself to a good fit.

5. Always Carry the Positive Attitude Towards Everything

How the world is — it’s the reflection of our own thoughts.

What we think is what we get.

What we perceive is what we get.

What we see is what we get.

What we consume is what we get.

It’s a mirror effect.

What you truly receive from the world is something that you put out before.

Try to carry a positive attitude towards everything in life.

For whatever event, situation, or people — it’s your attitude that can make things worse or good.

Gilda Given :)



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