Do Not. Be a Force of Hate! Do Not. Be a Force of Hate!
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Instead of complaining I can’t get this or that ask yourself what are you putting out there that resembles this or that?

There are so many things that happen to us and sometimes we become aware of them and sometimes we don’t.

However, we need to come to an understanding that life always happens and if it does then we need to learn to make it happen in our way — from within out.

And, it starts with taking care of ourselves.

Taking care of our mind, body, and spirituality.

Instead of wasting that energy on HATES movements on Social Media which I know for sure are full of hostility and some do not have good intentions towards the young generation.

I, myself believe that — none is going to help us or make us live a peaceful life.

Especially to the young individual reading this, you should RECONSIDER yourself before signing up for anything — before anyone chooses to use you.

Unless you do have a different agenda behind it, then it will be a good reason to keep it!

But deep down your soul know the truth!

We are humans — in the end, we are all logging for the same thing.

We need people to collaborate with us!

We need real people to support us!

We need love, peace, and joy within us!

We need to be full of humility and of good force towards human nature yet not afraid.

Modernity should fool us, young beings.

I was once fooled and I now opt NOT to.

I trust in every being’s ability and I believe we can do this.

That we can be of good force to society.

That we can spread out positivity and create a safe environment for our young brothers and sisters of the future generation.

Gilda Given :)



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Gilda Given
Written by

Gilda Given

A lady who chooses to embrace her own nature and devotes herself to serving, inspiring, and transforming others through writing and speaking.

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