Breaking Through “Busy People!” Breaking Through “Busy People!”
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There’s that which we value and that which we don’t value and creates no time for it— and that could be labeled as “busy!”

Just know that people always create time for the things that they value most and that could be labeled as busy to you.

If you don’t know, now you know.

However, what does busy really mean?

Busy Means…

“I don’t have time for you. And I don’t have time for you because you don’t have any value to me at the moment.”

“If you have value to me I will surely create time for you and that clarifies that I am busy with the things that I value most — including you.”

“It’s not because I hate you or I don't recognize you as a human being — it’s just that, you don't create that value enough to get my attention.”

“I know I might sound bad to you or act unfair — but to be honest the world itself players unfair sometimes so why should I be fair to you while you don’t add any value to me?”


Now Let's Give It Some Weight!

You don’t have the time to read the book but you have the time to watch TV or gossip that’s because you value TV or gossip rather than a good book.

You don’t have the time to exercise yet you find the time to scroll on social media once you wake up in the morning and see who and who does what, that’s because you value other people's lives on their social media more than your own health — can’t exercise!

You can’t hang with that broke friend who doesn’t give you money yet you can hang with a client who gives you 50k per hour that means that client has value to you compared to your broke friend.

Not because you hate them or you don’t love them, but because they don’t really have value to you — to inspire you enough and create time for them.

You can’t go to a football game during the weekend yet you opt to use that time and spend it with your girlfriend or your lovely kids at home, that’s because those are the things you value most compare to the weekend game.

We always find time for the things that we value most. We always create time for the things that are important to us — take it.

There’s no such thing as a busy person, a president is, yet finds time for his or her spouse and makes some love. Does it make some sense?

So dear friend, if someone looks so busy to you, it’s because you didn’t create a good value for them to get their attention enough so that they create time for you.

It’s not because you are ugly, not smart — it’s because you didn’t create a great value for them to get their attention so that they can give or create that time for you.

In Other Dimensions

If anyone upgrades themselves today and is worth 100 billion USD publically — do you think he/she will not have the value to meet any famous person in the country?

Surely they will as it’s one way for them to get their attention.

If you became the president of this country and call all the media houses to listen to what you will have to say — do you think they will never show up?

Surely they will! And why do you think so? Because a president has value.

Diamond Platnum and other famous musicians create value for their brands that's why they got other people's attention. And for those who are following up with whatever is going on with them, it is because they value what Diamond does. Whether it be positive or negative — he got your attention.

Create a value to be valued by others — to be listed and get others attention. Create an exllenet value so that other people can create time for you no matter how society chooses to labels them — busy.

And if you are the kind of person who always blames people who aren’t giving you time (and label them busy) — it's time to stop blaming them and upgrade yourself.

They have worked so hard to create that value and it's time for them to decide what they want to do with the kind of value they have created.

Create a value so that people can create time for you — create a value to be labeled as a busy person. Period!

And maybe we should find another term for busy and for me it could be a value.

Gilda Given :)



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