Are You A Disappearing Woman? Are You A Disappearing Woman?
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Women’s who fall in love found themselves giving each and everything to the person they’re in a relationship with — their values, personalities, attitudes, behavior, values, or even appearance.

I understand it’s love affairs between two individuals but there’s always science behind what’s happening.

For instance, the way how women were raised, they were raised to be submissive, pleasers, kind, lovely, dependent, etc. Adopting those traits from childhood affects women a lot.

Women find themselves disappearing and losing the person they were meant and intended to be to just follow the pattern of what was inherited from the past.

We are not teaching you how to be rude or aggressive but to be mesmerized and learn to enjoy everything without losing yourself.

Traits or Characteristics of Disappearing Women

If you are thinking what are the traits or characteristics of disappearing women, I have shared some below.

Cross check and see if you are one of them or what and see what to do next.

1. Disappearing Women fail to maintain their daily usual schedule — they’re always ready to give up on everything to just give their partner time even if they’re doing something productive to support their growth, vision, and dreams.

2. Disappearing Women always fail to maintain time for themselves and time to take care of themselves — fearing being isolated by their partners.

3. They can’t retain their friends and social life — disappearing women always find themselves uncomfortable when talking to close friends, especially men.

5. They always change and try to please their partners so that they can win their validation, support, and presence.

Disappearing Women Concept Expert from “Loving Him Without Losing You” a book by Beverly Engel

It’s a great book every woman should read — a father to your lovely daughter :)

Waiting for them to forgive you you are wasting your time my dear — forgive yourself.

If there’s one thing that I have learned about my life that helped me is learning the urge of embracing SELF.

As what we used to believe back then was just pieces of worthless beliefs that kept us limited.

But what I know for sure is that the world has changed a lot! And if you don’t change too you will be a fuzzy person and start blaming others for the person you are today.

In the long run, one thing you should always keep in your mind is that people have to love you for who you are not for what they think you should be.

And just a couple of things to pinpoint what I was trying to mean 👇🏼

1. You don’t need to be someone else to be loved.

2. You don’t need to dress differently to be loved.

3. You don’t need to act in a certain way to be loved.

You deserve to be loved because you are loving and lovable but also you are enough with what you are.

Always learn to Stand Up For Who You Are! Learn to stand up for yourself.


It’s my hope that you grabbed a thing today :)

Let me know in the comment box below yet, if you clap for this article, could sound great too :)

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