We are loving our new “Ready Steady” teambuilding series…

By anonymous on 05 May 2017Empower


It all started in January 2017 when we hosted our first ever “Ready Steady Cook” teambuilding session for the Tigo Financial Services leadership team. Since then we have become obsessed with this creative and highly competitive challenge and we have since held multiple sessions for various teams across the United Nations and various other clients. The talent and positive energy we’ve witnessed so far is nothing short of incredible. 

The group was split into two teams and were provided with ingredients. Their challenge was to make a 3-course meal in 45 minutes and take the culinary title as Ready Steady Cook champs (oh and they had to achieve this in an outdoor makeshift kitchen by the way)!  

This teambuilding programme is all about an intense level of team bonding as participants are pushed out of their comfort zone and forced to get to know each other in new ways. It has been mind blowing to see the lengths of what solid teamwork can achieve. In fact we have been so inspired that we have since introduced a new variant; “Ready Steady Sew” which is a fashion and design oriented challenge. 

We’re very excited about our “Ready Steady” series and can’t wait to experience more talent. For more information or to book a teambuilding session please get in touch. Email us: training@empower.co.tz