Productive Office Note Taking Tools Productive Office Note Taking Tools
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It is the 21st century, and most certainly sophistication is on the air. I am talking about the tools that we use in everyday life, let it be in school, office, or home that help us to do our daily chores. These instruments play a huge part in our lives in helping us with our daily heavy tasks. I applaud their existence because, without their help, I feel a bit of a burden on my shoulder.

In this article, I will talk concerning the essential phone applications that can be used in the office for writing and taking notes. The delightful thing about these tools is they are so good at taking notes without actually taking notes. They work in stressful situations, just a tap away and are free. These are my five favourite phone application that I use at taking notes.

  1. Otter

The app generates notes from meetings, interviews and other office updates by recording. A built-in artificial intelligence assistant supports the software to reduce human error at best. All you have to do is get your phone close to the speaker. The application will turn every spoken word to written characters. It can save you time and effort, especially when you want to pay attention to a meeting and take notes at the same time.

2. Google assistant

This one of the hands-free app that is good for taking notes, and it gets the job done. Although it plays a role as an assistant, the app is good at noting items, to-do lists, reminders and memos on voice command. A great feature the app has is it can engage in a two-way conversation. You can dictate what notes to take, alarm sound for your reminder or even a name for your to-do list.

3. Google Lens

Another google app that gets a job done faster. If you have a task of taking notes from other notes, this is an app for you. Google Lens technology relies upon your smartphone's camera to "see" what's around you and gather text information within surroundings. In a simple term, the app acts as a scanner, but it also collects text metadata from the image and converts them to typed characters.

4. Tetra

Tetra makes use of an AI to take notes on your phone call. If you do not want to miss conversation over a phone call and you still want to make a record, then this app is for you. The app acts as a voice recorder that types what you say on a call via speech recognition software. The app works in two ways; one is by call schedule, whereby you invite Tetra bot to an upcoming call, two is creating a Tetra call in their web app.

5. Reason 8

Reason 8 is an application that turns conversations into summaries. The app works on multiple phones to generate meeting summaries. A single device becomes the host, and other devices join in the meeting by receiving a meeting ID from the host. Subsequently, you focus on what you are saying and not on taking notes. The app also gives you the capability of tapping to highlight key summary areas. You can use the app or shift to the web client, when the meeting ends, for the comfort of keyboard editing.

Note-taking is not funny business; it takes time on reviewing and editing and finding proper tools to help you with the process provides a little bit of relief. I encourage you to make better use of your gadgets today and dig into some of the apps and see how they benefit you. Most of the apps are available on all platforms, find the one you need and enjoy.

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Adam Kamulika
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Adam Kamulika

ACPA: tech-savvy with a passion for technology, especially tools and software that enhance productivity in the work environment.

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