Office tools for task automation Office tools for task automation
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I can not imagine the office environment in the next ten years; it will be all paperless and hands-free. The technology is taking over, and the tasks that used to take a long time to accomplish now take less time to get done. In my previous article, I wrote about office tools that you can use in note-taking without actually holding a pen or typing that can save you time for at least one cup of coffee. In this article, I will write about five tools that transform your business manual work to automated ones.

  1. Zapier

Zapier is automation software that integrates your applications across web and platforms. The software can help you multitask swiftly between apps in background and hands-free. Let's take an example that you an accountant in your team who wants to raise an invoice to a customer via Wave accounting system and then update this information in your slack team workspace and finally send a Gmail to the customer to thank them for doing business with you. With zapier automation, you only need to raise an invoice on Wave, and the series of triggered automation called zaps will take care of the rest. Of course, you must configure zaps on their web page by selecting which apps you want to integrate and what process do you want to perform.

   2. Click up

Click Up is a suitable automation software for task distribution and assessment among teams in the office environment. The software allows you to create a task, assign to an individual and later monitor, track and evaluate the individual performance in handling the assignment. This app is suitable for team managers who manage more than one team or project and requires feedback from the duties at all time. The good thing about Click Up apart from being hands-free it is also proximity-free, all team communication between team members takes place in the app, and hence it facilitates assistance in case one or more team member gets stuck. On another useful note, you can integrate Click Up with another application using Zapier to enhance your automation. For example, you can create a zap to receive an email once a team member verifies a complete task on Click up.

  3. Manager

Manager is a good accounting automation software for small and medium business. The software comes in two editions; desktop(server) edition which is free to use and cloud edition, which is worthwhile $39/ month. The cloud edition has cool features like remote access, multi-user access, user control, automatic backups and update, and it is across platforms. Manager app is suitable for transaction automation. We all know in accounting and bookkeeping that sometimes we might come across repetitive transactions like depreciation and amortization. No matter how easy the repetitive transactions are, frequent reposting becomes tedious and exhausting. With Manager, you can automate these tasks and put your focus on other accounting matters at hand.

  4. Freshbooks cloud

If your business focuses on delivering services rather than goods, and you track your services with timesheet and bill to your clients, then Freshbooks is for you. The app automatically tracks the time that you have spent in an assignment and creates an invoice to customers. Freshbook also sends automatic reminders to customers for overdue payments. Freshbooks is suitable for both individuals and team that are engaged in time-billed assignments. The app has a small built-in accounting feature that enables you to preview your profit, loss, assets and liabilities for all your tasks and projects. The app can also integrate with Zapier. If you do not find the built-in accounting features adequate, you can at anytime zap your information to adequate accounting software.

5. Google password manager

With all these automation software at your disposal, that enhances your business performance, tracking of your accounts details and user logins can be cumbersome. It is not easy to remember your password and username at all times, and occasionally you might need to shift from your desktop to your phone to access information. Google password manager stores all your login information and enables you to access your apps anytime. The app provides secure access to your website and apps at any device and at any time. All you need to log in with your Google account into any device and access your information. If you have any doubt your about privacy and security, Google password manager has a two-way verification process that adds an extra layer of protection.


It is evident that as a business grows, business transactions, process and activities also grow. It is essential to engage in your business activities and find time to assess and evaluate your business performance. Business automation tools provide you with ample to do so. In any case, I encourage you to make better use of your devices and try some of the apps that you think will suit your business. Enjoy! 

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