Productive book keeping tools for small business. Productive book keeping tools for small business.
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It is always nice to have a different set of tools in your office that assists you with the daily tasks, particularly the ones capable of boosting your performance exponentially. In our digital century, we have so many tools at our disposal for so many applications. However, figuring out the proper tools that work for you is key. In my previous movement, I described note-taking tools that you can use for taking notes, "without actually taking notes", that make note-taking exercise fun. Moreover, they save you almost three-quarters of your time for other critical assignments. This movement presents simple but sophisticated phone apps that a person can use for bookkeeping purposes and other related duties.

1. Count things.

This is a simple application that counts things by taking pictures. All you need to do is point your phone camera to the items you want to sum up and snap them. The software will highlight the objects, put numbers on them and provide the total count. The application can count metal products, tubes, logs and lumber, aluminium extrusions, livestock, scaffoldings and other items. Count things support both automatic and user manual counting.

Platforms: Android, iOS

2. Book Keeper - Accounting, GST, Invoicing, Inventory.

The accounting app is suitable for small and medium businesses. Its simple user interface allows you to send invoices, bills & estimates, track invoices, expenditures & receipts, manage inventory, with barcode technology, view daily transaction books, view & send various financial reports and much more. It also supports data synchronisation and can be used on multiple devices. 

Platforms: Android, iOS

3. VAT calculator

The name says it all, this is a good app for value-added tax calculation. The app can calculate VAT from the gross amount and net amount. This tool can also calculate the net amount and the gross amount from VAT. It has a friendly user interface that enables you to choose the VAT rate from various countries or manually enter your own. The app also has an inbuilt calculator if need to derive value from aggregate amounts.

Platforms: Android

4. Margin-Mark up calculator PRO

The app has a simple user interface with advanced features for calculating sales margin and markup on the go. The application is convenient for business people who usually calculate Margin Percentage, Markup Percentage, Sales Markup, Cost Price, Selling Price etc. The app also has a sharing option with other apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, where you can easily share your calculated results.

Platforms: Android.

There are so many apps that perform similar functions that I have not explored here. However, the ones mentioned achieve great results. Feel free to download these apps and give them a try. Additional research is encouraged to find out more information about the apps and other productive apps with similar functionality.


Disclaimer: It is always important to adhere to some security measures before using any app on your phone. Always pay attention to the permissions you give an app upon request. 
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Adam Kamulika
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Adam Kamulika

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