How to export TRA tax calendar to google calendar (Never miss a deadline) How to export TRA tax calendar to google calendar (Never miss a deadline)
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Ever got fines or penalties from the revenue authority by missing simple payments and filing deadlines? Well, it happens, sometimes it is just a human error, and sometimes you are new to the office, and you know nothing about the deadlines. There is a possible way of avoiding these accidents. One of the options is to export the TRA tax calendar to your Google calendar. A good thing about Google calendar is you can have access and set reminders to your events. The method decreases the risk of forgetting the next deadline.

The following are steps to export your TRA tax calendar to Google calendar
Step 1. Go to your web browser and Type "TRA Calendar" on the search button.
Step 2. Click the first link on the search results that will take you to TRA Calender.
Step 3. Copy the text TRA tax calendar and paste to Excel sheet
Step 4. The Calendar is for 2019, therefore, it must be EDITED to reflect the current year. (This is mainly on the dates and some descriptions)
Step 5. Refurnish your data to a standard that can be understood by Google calendar. (example)
Step 6. "Save as" your excel to a CSV (Comma delimited)(*.csv) format. 
Step 7. Go back to the browser and log in to your Google calendar (
Step 8. Open the settings menu and go to settings.
Step 9. Click on "Import & Export" found on the left corner of the settings.
Step 10. The page will open with both "import" and "export" options. Click "import file" and locate your CSV file from the file manager. After the file is uploaded click import and the browser will import to your google calendar.

Viola! Now you can never miss a tax deadline.
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