Journey Vs Destination, What Matters? Journey Vs Destination, What Matters?
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Have you ever thought how happy you will be once you achieve your childhood dream? It could be building your dream house, going vacation in your dream destination, or owning a billion-dollar company. Everybody can dream because dreaming is free. The cost of dreaming is only seen when we start a process of achieving those dreams and successes we wish to have in our lives. Mark Cahill, in his book "One heartbeat away," explains the concept of cause and relationship theory. Mark Cahill argues that for everything to happen, then there must be a cause. We should understand that some conditions once supported everything that happened. 

For instance, a tree cannot grow if it lacks water and enough sunlight. Our success looks exactly like a tree; it needs proper ingredients for its growth. A lot of us have focused our energy on just dreaming, and we have forgotten that dreams require sacrifice, dedication, and persistence. What are the ingredients for our success? 

Let’s explore the two essential elements of our success.

Don't be a goal-oriented dreamer

 I know this might sound awkward, but having a goal and just focusing on it won't make you successful. James Clear, an author of the book “Atomic Habit” explains the amazing power that exists when a person focuses on the journey rather than the destination. Concentrate much on the target creates a state of either accomplishment or failure. Having that kind of mindset is the first step towards failure. Success is not a destination where we want to reach but a journey we have to travel. Rather than focusing on a goal, it is essential to break down the goals into simple activities that can be seen or done and measured. The degree of accomplishment of a goal is not measured on the big picture of a "goal" but on those small activities that help us to reach the goal. A goal should be broken into something workable or touchable. Don't focus on the target, but concentrate on the building blocks of the goal. Having a goal is vital for our success, but having a system for reaching a goal is very important.

Attitude matters

 Recent studies in the field of psychology have proved that there is an excellent relationship between what we think of ourselves and the life we end up living. Your mindset and attitude are both critical ingredients for your success. You might have a dream of owning Microsoft, but if you wake up every day and see yourself owning a bakery, then I assure you will end up owning a bakery. It's not about what you dream, but it's about what your mindset sees. If you want your tree of success to grow, then it's critical to analyze your thoughts every day and filter any idea that pushes you down towards the journey of success. Albert Einstein once stated that "Imagination is more important than knowledge." What Einstein meant was that the picture that you paint for yourself matters a lot in your success. The question is, how do you see yourself in the next ten years? Are you able to work on your dream and keep on painting your success?

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Justine Massaba
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Justine Massaba

Justine Massaba loves to learn, write and share various insights on areas of leadership and management. His mission is to empower companies and businesses to utilize the power of leadership in maximizing productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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