Engineering Your Why: Lesson Learned on the Road to Self-Discovery Engineering Your Why: Lesson Learned on the Road to Self-Discovery
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Let’s dive into the wacky world of engineering with my hilarious adventure! Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!

It all started in 2015 when I joined the university to study civil engineering. I was super excited because becoming an engineer had always been my dream. I have no idea where that dream came from, but I’ve always been good at math, so I figured civil engineering would be a good fit for me.

Those four years of engineering school were a mix of amazing and challenging moments. It required a lot of hard work to get the grades I wanted, and the final year project, which involved going out into the field and doing a study, was both tiring and fun.

Finally, in 2019, I completed my civil engineering degree. I felt like a real engineer and hoped finding a job would be easy so I could do what I love — civil engineering. But instead of jumping into an engineering job, I decided to volunteer with NGOs and attend unrelated events to explore different things. I wanted to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do. It wasn’t an easy journey because everyone had high expectations of me as a graduate.

One thing I learned during my quest for self-discovery was the importance of trying new things. When you’re not sure where you’re headed, any path can take you somewhere unexpected. So, I took every opportunity that came my way, hoping it would lead me to where I truly belonged. Sometimes, getting lost can be a good thing because it helps you find your true path. Along the way, I met amazing people who became like family and taught me valuable lessons about knowing myself and what I’m capable of.

During my time at university, I didn’t have much chance to explore other interests or try different jobs unrelated to civil engineering. But when it came to finding myself, I had plenty of time to experiment. I met new people, learned new skills, and discovered interests I never knew I had. It was a thrilling adventure!

And then, in a serendipitous moment, I crossed paths with Jocelyne Msigwa, head of culture and people at innovation consulting company. We met at a workshop on innovation leadership, and it was a game-changer for me. The workshop helped me uncover my true passions and aspirations. We were asked to map out our goals for the next five years. With confidence, I charted a course that included writing a book and working as a leadership consultant. I still have that roadmap hanging in my room as a reminder of my journey.

Fast forward to 2023, and I look back at how my career has unfolded. I’ve written a book and started a venture with three other founders, and it’s been an incredible experience. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m grateful for all the lessons learned. My background in civil engineering, combined with working in the banking industry while writing a book, and now leading leadership training, has shaped me in remarkable ways.

So, what’s the moral of my story? It’s simple — try, try, and try some more! You’ll never know what you’re capable of unless you give it a shot. Discovering your purpose is all about finding what you’re good at and why you love doing it. As Simon Sinek wisely said in his book, “Start with Why,” understanding your why will help you figure out your what. So, my friend, what’s your fabulous why?

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Justine Massaba
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Justine Massaba

Justine Massaba loves to learn, write and share various insights on areas of leadership and management. His mission is to empower companies and businesses to utilize the power of leadership in maximizing productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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