The slipping story, and 3 decades’ deadlock. The slipping story, and 3 decades’ deadlock.
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Finally, Liverpool is the 2019/20 English Premier League champions, ending their 30 years’ wait for them to finish at the top of English top-flight again this time with 7 games to spare.

What a year it was for Liverpool! They had a very good start, the biggest 25 points lead, one that no English premier league contender has ever reached, and of course: the earliest champion with 7 games to spare beating their rivals Manchester united record in 2000/1 season.

Though the outbreak of Covid-19 threatened Liverpool’s title hope with 90 days’ EPL pause due to curfew, destiny this time around owe Liverpool a favor: EPL resumed and everyone got what they deserve even though Tanzania’s favorite Mbwana Samatta career in EPL is at stake as Villa is an inch close to relegation.

As a staunch football fan, I have witnessed Liverpool at its best and worst. I have watched the great players like Robbie Fowler, Steve Mc Manaman, Michael Owen, Steven Gerald, Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez, Xabi Alonso, just a few to mention trying to win EPL title and came empty-handed.

On some occasions, Liverpool alias the reds, were an inch close to win EPL title but got robbed by the hungriest rivals which most of them were from the city of Manchester, the case of the 2013-14 and 2018-19 season.

Liverpool fans for 30 years have been a butt of many cruel jokes in the football community allegedly to had angered the football gods, and that they should offer their cherished possession as a way to cast evil omens off the Merseyside city.

Despite coming off with a flying color in Champions league last season, Liverpool players were not as happy as losing the EPL title to rival Manchester City. Even in public display, Liverpool players confessed losing grip in 2018-19 at eleventh hours as the most embarrassing and painful moment of their career that some are willing to take that to their grave.

No defeat is final until you stop trying

Despite Liverpool's lack of win and a tag "England's laughing stock", there's never been a day Liverpool fans lose pride in their team. “The Kop”, Liverpool's weapon of mass of destruction for the last three fruitless decades have always been bitter and louder when they face their opponents.

Jürgen Klopp arrival in the summer of 2015, was a turning point to what has been described as “evil-eyed and feeble-minded Liverpool”. Klopp brought with him his "never backing down a challenge" philosophy. In his first and second season Liverpool suffered a string defeats but Klopp always reminded Liverpool fans to keep their head high “the glory days are ahead of us” Klopp always insisted.

Klopp lost two European finals to two Spanish rivals 2015/16 to Sevilla and in 2017/18 giving the giant Real Madrid its 13th and 3rd an uninterrupted.

2019/20 season was a promising one, Liverpool retained the lost UCL cup and add more domestic and international titles but the only thing missing was the EPL title, the one they handed over to Manchester City last minute, and the last thing Liverpool’s millennials have never lifted.

Klopp did it! 30 year's deadlock and here comes EPL. At last Liverpool's millennial have swoop the EPL title in. What another year for Liverpool's fans!

It was Liverpool's effort, resilience, and sense of duty that once again they'd a chance to restore their glory, the long lost glory.

Liverpool's EPL victory holds more than just a title: It's a battle for self-glory and quest in achieving what others think they not a risk-worthy.

Reading Paulo Coelho's "‎The Alchemist," I have come to an understanding that, we all have goals and dreams, but not all of us will be able to achieve them if we are not willing to give everything we got to achieve them.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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