The Didoret Effect - UNTITLED
David Ng'honi

David Ng'honi

08 Dec 2022

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“We buy things we don’t need to impress the people we don’t like.” – Unknown

Maybe that isn’t the only reason.

Wait, What? Did I omit “…with money we don’t have" before “to impress…" after “we don’t need?”

Yes, because some people do that with the money they have.

Same intention regardless.

Well, few enjoy it for the sake of it, or maybe they’re epicurean.

Still maybe others do that to be seen. Now kindly reread the quotation. With the omission.

Have you ever gone shopping with one thing in mind then you come back with five in hand? In a paper bag maybe?

Yes me too.

Your plan is to buy a new Infinix (I know iPhoners don’t know what I mean) but soon as you get it, then you start thinking about getting a screen protector, a phone cover, earpieces etc.

Or maybe you buy a new mattress, but on getting home you find your bed looking outdated because the mattress is new. That’s when you start thinking about getting new bed sheets, new pillows, a new mattress cover etc.

Or you have just bought a new pair of shoes, then you start thinking about buying clothes that match the color and all that? Like “damn I should get some shorts, underwears, trousers, shirts or T-shirts of the same color.”

You get a bicycle, Avon for instance (excuse me dear millennial), then you meet a guy riding a Phoenix, the feeling starts hitting you differently because his brand looks amazing compared to yours, you start saving for it, you get it eventually, then you meet a guy riding a BMX, you know what happens next, all the way to riding a mountain bike, you finally start fiending for pikipiki.

You meet a guy driving a LC V8, but don’t be surprised when he goes like, “I started with a starlet, then Vitz came in the game, I had to get a piggy bank for it, then well, you know, Subaru took over, then Vanguard, then the Range, then Bentley, Ferrari, then… damn I really need a jet right now. I gotta be relevant.”

A certain man had a daughter who was about to be married, he was responsible for her dowry, but he couldn’t afford it, he was broke. Since he was known for his works, a writer specifically, still broke, the news about his daughter's wedding and his financial situation reached a well-off person who was touched, so she decided to support the man, not freely though, so she bought his library with a lot of money.

It changed everything.

One of the things he did was to buy one of the most expensive robes at the time, a honorary one to be precise, with everything about it, on getting back home, he found each and everything else in his home irrelevant.

Just imagine you’re broke (not as hell), then you win a bet and you just decide to buy a tuxedo, mind you, not a fake, and even when you wear it you just notice, like everyone else, it doesn’t suit your reality (I am not sure if personality fits in).

It was a move that made him change most of the things in his house, from furnishings to (you name it).

Look at the guys who own iPhones (especially the latest trends) and how they really seem, those gadgets carry a certain status, a trajectory to the owners, even the prospective ones like m… (no, I am a Galaxy Note die hard, and still building my status, still rolling with my two years old Infinix).

None of your beeswax.

Picture a guy who owns one but uses earphones instead of Airpods. That’s what I thought lol!...

All in all, the behavior that most, if not all of us have, is known as Didoret Effect, an eponym for Denis Didoret, a guy in the above story (a true story btw) a French philosopher who lived from 1713 to 1784.

Dig it more at your own risk. There is so much more compared to what I have shared.

Enough. No, wait... how about you read my unfinished novel? I recently shared its ninth chapter (Exquisite Joy). It's about addiction, love affairs being the irony.

Shilinde x+

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David Ng'honi
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David Ng'honi

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