Saving Water Usage at Home Saving Water Usage at Home
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Water bills are one of the forever recurring costs once you are a homeowner. It is easy to find yourself paying too much than what you should have been paying due to failing to properly manage water use. But, it has been said that its never too late, right?. What if I was to tell you that there are very simple ways that will notably cut your water bills!. Well, they will involve some change in lifestyle and habits, but, it’s all for the best.

Think of this as a means to help you be more resourceful. I will dive right into the tips.

Reduce water use. This can be done by say, putting a clay brick into your toilet tank; it will reduce water for flashing by its volume; a bottle of water filled with sand can help likewise. Such a simple trick! Imagine the volume of water you will have saved in a year!

Reuse water wherever and whenever possible. You may start by reusing the water you washed your veggies with to water your garden, placing a bucket in the shower, or using laundry water to flush the toilet.

Recycle water at every opportunity. You may install a grey-water collection system, a rainwater collection and purification system for a full-scale experience. But, you may start by again, placing a bucket in the shower.

Rethink the way water is being used at your home. Some go the extent of deciding to only flush long-calls. Here, need to assess and find out what is necessary. Things like, do you need to leave the water running when brushing your teeth? Or throughout when showering? How do you water your gardens, maybe opt for smart systems?

Repair any leakages on the plumbing systems. You may successfully attempt to reduce your water use, but, regular inspection of your plumbing systems will help your notice and fix any leakages and save you from unnecessary loss of water. The most effective way here is to hire a plumber who will be responsible for regular cycles of inspection and repairs.

Last but not least, Refuse any compromises that will lead you to unnecessary costs. This could be from the beginning of constructing your home whereas you need to refuse to hire a non-professional handyman just to save money! Or opting for cheaper low-quality materials that will start leaking be overloaded in just a few years down the road!

I never said this was going to be easy, anything good especially if it has to do with a change of lifestyle, is never easy. Luckily, this will save you money, and teach your family for their future homes too; hence generational savings. 

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Erick Priva
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Erick Priva

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