RiDiN' RiDiN'
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If you are looking for something to chill to, press play.

This track was inspired by my vision and aspiration for going global with music; having individuals in each corner from the East, West, South and North bumping to the same tune. I focus on creating the main vocal that maintains a rap flow with an undertone of harmonic back vocals. 

The chorus is me purely going for multiple melodies that are not overly distinct from each other but together create a complete sense of chill. 

If you love the content, please check out my SoundCloud Channel! Riz-KiD

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Joel Lyaruu
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Joel Lyaruu

I am a mover and shaker - stage name is RiZKiD. My passion includes audio and visual content, written content and bringing ideas to life through creative and technological processes. If you are a fan of music, videos, thoughts and graphics do follow my series.

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