Maintaining Firmness in your 20’s! Maintaining Firmness in your 20’s!
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One of the biggest challenges I've faced recently is to be firm with my decisions, to stand for who I am, making sure that in as much as I face challenges, heartbreaks, and influences to not allow all these things to change who I truly am.
To stick to my values, my beliefs, and my uniqueness.
As a youth in our 20’s there is a lot of influence we face, we are advised by Social media trends, friends at work and at home, Family, etc. It's okay to be advised and influenced but one thing before you decide to make a decision to follow the advice or the influence seat down and think through make sure you are doing so because it's what you really want, ask yourself:

1. Does this align with my personal goals
2. Am I in the position to accept the change that will come with the decision if I am to follow the influence?
3. How does this align with my values and beliefs?
I have seen myself making choices just because friends said it's a good choice by then and it ended up affecting me.
I have seen friends quitting Jobs just because of influence and it ended up being the wrong decision. Though others it turned out the best decision they made.
I am not saying you shouldn't follow influence or advice but I am just saying be firm, evaluate all aspects of life pros and corn before jumping off the clip.
Being a Firm is taking risks to do and not to do but in the end, it's all on you.
Being firm is also not acting based on Emotions, learning to know I am emotional, and avoiding making decisions based on emotions because when you are calm you might have made the wrong decisions ever and there is no turning back.

Ask God for the Grace to be fervent, not just to start but to pursue things to the end! For persistence, for stability, for consistency in every area.
1. Spiritually
2. In the workplace
3. Family and culture
4. Relationship
It's by God's help that we can remain firm, that we can remain in fire, that we can always be on the increase and always stand to who we are!
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Moureen Mollel
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Moureen Mollel

I am a very charming Lady, I love talking to people and listening to them. I believe everyone needs to be heard. I work at Ennovate Hub as a project Manager and I love and enjoy my job. In my free time, I write on my blog and create inspiring, motivating, and encouraging content. I am the Change

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