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You owe it to yourself to be original not a copy, with the world full of suggestions everywhere we are the only ones who know ourselves better. Being authentically you simply means being undisputed, being unique, being 

Imagine walking into KFC with your cold drink ready to get chicken and KFC says we don't have chicken today, It is absurd and it can't make sense that KFC has no chicken. Isn't the chicken that makes KFC KFC?  or going to Pizza hut and they don't have pizzas. Imagine going to a place that advertises something and they don't have what they are really advertising, they don't serve what really makes them stand out.

Here is the deal, just like Pizza hut needs Pizza to stand out, KFC needs Chicken to stand out, your organization that you work in, your place of worship, your family, or anywhere you are they need you for them to stand out and reach their potential.  Without you, they will be incomplete lucking and unable to reach their potential, you authentically, genuinely bring in your full self in every scenario you are placed into. 

we have robbed ourselves of our importance, our spirit of influence that is us because we have allowed our weakness to dim our light. We don't assign value to our talents, and gifts that have been placed into us. we most of the times spend a lot of time and energy trying. to change who we are instead of bringing the fullness of who we are into certain aspects of our lives. We are so used to trying to be someone else to an extent we don't even who we are if we run into ourselves in a supermarket! We have been wearing a mask for so long and we spend most of the time denying our uniqueness that we don't even realize the disservice that we are doing to ourselves and to those around us.

It's time we change that, It's time we celebrate who we are and offer others the gift of our affirmations for who they are. It's like walking into a clothing store and finding clothes with a sign written "AS IS" these clothes might have a stain on them or a  defect anything that makes it's different from how it is supposed to be, But if you buy it you gotta take is AS-IS, the store isn't gonna do anything about it, you gotta take it as it is. You and I, we gotta walk with an AS IS sticker on us, people need to take us for who we are.  We need to believe that God has allowed us to have these special gifts, talents, abilities, weaknesses, and corkiness as we are. There is not even one other person on this planet who looks, thinks, or acts as you do. You are a gifted world and the rare mix of your personality, weaknesses, and strength is paramount for the highest potential of the things that are involved to be reached.

  Just Imagine how your office, place of worship, or family would benefit if you brought all that God has created you to be, without considering being ashamed you can't sing as well as somebody else, you can't teach as well or you just feel ashamed of your weaknesses and choose to back out. Just think of how much they would benefit if you just brought the whole of who you are, instead of feeling the need to impress them, to please them. Just give yourself Authentically, genuinely, and walk right into that place and give your whole self.

You are needed to be who you are created to be not who you compare yourself to, bring your whole self in wherever you are placed to be and to do.  " Psalm 139:13-14".......You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Today will you decide to be you authentically and genuinely, to live for who you are created to be, to ascribe significance to yourself as God has created you to be, and rest in confidence that can free us from the need to please or impress others and also to celebrate the uniqueness that we see in others instead of being jealous, we should celebrate them and encourage them. 

Here is our affirmation: "I will accept and celebrate my uniqueness and celebrate  the distinction that I admire in others." 

We all have to be authentic, we need to find out what we are made of, how unique we are, and embrace that and use that in whatever places we are placed into fully. Be Authentic!!

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Moureen Mollel
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Moureen Mollel

I am a very charming Lady, I love talking to people and listening to them. I believe everyone needs to be heard. I work at Ennovate Hub as a project Manager and I love and enjoy my job. In my free time, I write on my blog and create inspiring, motivating, and encouraging content. I am the Change

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