Important Secrets To Skyrocket Your Productivity At Work. Important Secrets To Skyrocket Your Productivity At Work.
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"Work is a product of force and displacement”. Those were the words which came from the mouth of my physics teacher when I was studying in form one. From the concept of physics work is defined as the product of force and distance, if there’s an application of force without displacement no work has been done as far as physics is concerned .The question we should ask ourselves is that; is this the general definition of work ? In general perspectives the answer is no simply because there are many people around the world who are really working but have never applied any force so as to move the object and work to be done.

 From my own perspective, work can be defined as any activity which can either be physical or mental which is legally accepted by the government and society which aims to improve the lives of people and development of the country. 

From this concept it is undeniable truth that, for any activity to be called a work then its first criteria is to improve the lives of people. If you are doing any activity and doesn’t improve or help the people then it can’t be work. For any country to develop economically it’s important for people to work and through working the get revenues and from those revenues the government can get tax which in return goes back to the people in form of social services and thus improve the lives of the people and the community. It’s important to understand the issue is not just to work but to work harder and smart so as to ensure the targeted goals are reached with higher efficieny.

The efficiency in carrying out any work depends much on attitude towards the work. No matter what work or how long we work, if our attitude towards work is negative the there’s higher probability that our work will have low productivity and efficiency.

Some people believe that attitude is less important as long as they are doing their works smartly but in reality attitude has a great chance on deciding the efficiency or outcomes of the work. Mark Cahill in his book one heartbeat away which was published in 2005 explains about the concept of “cause-effect relationship theory”. The theory explains that for every effect there’s and must be a cause and also every cause or activity must have an outcome. In other words he meant that whatever you do will have impact in future whether negative or positive depending on the cause. It is from this concept we learn that the attitude you have will have positive or negative results so if we want better outcomes then it is a must to have a positive attitude but otherwise will result in failure of attaining the goals we want in our work. Have a positive attitude then positive outcome will follow you. Your attitude will highly motivate you to do more than what is required or will less motivate you and at the end will result in doing less than what is required.

In his book Understanding financial stewardship, Charles Stanley explains the four important attitudes that every person should have so as to improve the outcomes or productivity of their works but we shall learn the important three attitudes. These three attitudes are well explained as follows;

The first attitude in any work is to be goal oriented in whatever work you do; you should never do any work or even attempt to do anything called “work” if you don’t know what you want to get from it. Don’t do the work just to be seen doing the work or being paid but we should do the work with a clear focus and a burning desire to achieve something valuable from what we do. In doing work, we should know that reward is more than the salary you are paid but also the satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishing the task with great productivity. You should set goals for yourself that are beyond the goals you have been given by an employee and this will awake the sparks of innovation and higher motivation which will push you to use your financial, technical and time resources to do the work with high degree of satisfaction and efficiency. 

There are two things to consider when setting goals for your work. The first thing is that, the goals you set must be realistic goals and the second thing is that, those goals should help you to gain new experiences or skills that you never had before. You should never do any work which doesn’t increase your skills or there’s anything that you can learn. In whatever work you do, make sure at the end of the work you have gained new knowledge or skills. In setting the goals it is also important to remember to enjoy the process rather than the outcome of the process (goal). James Clear in his book Atomic habits explains about the importance of focusing on the system which he defined as a process of reaching your goals rather than putting your focus on the end goal. This principle is based on the reality that both losers and winners have the same goals but what differentiate them is the system they use to reach those goals and also goals create an “either-or” conflict; either you achieve your goals and successful or you fail and you are disappointment. Remember the purpose of setting goals is to win the game but the purpose of building system is to continue playing the game.

The second aspect is to have an intense desire to do your best at whatever you undertake; Take your work as something that you will use all your resources to accomplish it with high quality and highest degree of satisfaction. You can’t do perfect work all the time but you can seek to do better than you have done in the past. When you do your best in any work, you have a sense of fulfillment and joy. Don’t just work for the sake of work but work with the intention of producing high quality work. Your degree of productivity must increase as the number of days are increasing. You can’t work in the same company for ten years and still do the work as you did in your first year. You should create a system of learning which will empower you to understand what’s need to be done somas to increase the productivity or the quality of work you are doing.

The third aspect  is to have positive attitude towards any work you do and those with whom you work together; it’s not just enough to produce high quality work or work with great efficiency and satisfaction. It is a must to have a positive attitude towards your work if you want positive outcome. There’s nothing as self-made as many renowned entrepreneurs and celebrities are calling themselves in this technological era. In reality we all need people to achieve our goals, people who will assist us in those areas we can’t perform to the best of our abilities. You can’t be listed in Forbes Magazine as one of the richest techpreneurs and take all the credit by yourself by calling yourself “self-made billionaire”. 

It is important to create strong bond with the people you work so as to have a common vision and goal. Don’t judge and condemn your colleagues but listen to their views and consider them in making some decision so that they can have a sense of belonging in the company or place of work. Encourage them and when they do something wrong, show them the right way without embarrassing them or making them feeling inferior. This will empower them to use their skills and innovation for the betterment of the company.

If you can’t do your work effectively then don’t work but remember, it’s a sin not to work. 

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Justine Massaba
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Justine Massaba

Justine Massaba loves to learn, write and share various insights on areas of leadership and management. His mission is to empower companies and businesses to utilize the power of leadership in maximizing productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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