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(Dear Future wife)

I thank God that I love you

even before I met you.

My heart is waiting for you,

and so does my body let me remind you.

I’ve learnt to cook from my mother,

just in case you need a chef too.

I’ve started to pray for our daughter,

and our son’s prayer is next in line.

I’ve worked on my anger issues,

you shouldn’t worry about that temper of mine.

And don’t think I won’t be faithful to you,

for I’ve been faithful even before I met you.

I thank God I met Christ before I met you,

(you see loving Christ is my foundation for loving you)

and even though I love Christ more than I love you,

the second place is reserved just for you boo,

I can’t lie, after Christ I think mostly of you,

I even imagine the excitement of coming home to you,

you see my work is so demanding

but I would gladly spend the day with you,

(I would call in sick, fake a seizure!

just to add those hours with you)

my heart is longing for you,

and my body is kept in purity too,

I wish you saw me as I’m writing,

for I’m smiling in the very thought of you.

It was God’s love that brought me close to you,

(and the inner peace you gave my heart,

the moment I got to know you)

what more can I ask for?

if all of my destiny can be accomplished by you,

what more can I ask for?

if not to settle down and serve my God with you.

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Elias Kasunga
Written by

Elias Kasunga

I am a corporate lawyer specializing in contracts, company formation, company secretarial practice & governance. When not using my legal brain I write christian poems and quotes. Check out my new poetry book titled "AS I CRY OUT TO HEAVEN" currently on Amazon.

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