Sales Executive(Credit Card)

roomDar es Salaam

business_centerFull Time

book1 Direct Reports

bookmark Intermediate

directions_carDriving License Not Required

flagOnly Open to Tanzanian Nationals



This role involves marketing and selling credit cards to consumers. The sales person identifies potential buyers and convinces them to buy the credit cards. He/she does this by explaining the benefits the buyer.


  • Sell VISA cards, Mastercards, SIM cards and ID cards to banks and telecom operators within The United Republic of Tanzania.
  • This is a project sales job, which means that from the moment of first contact with a customer to the final invoicing can take several months.
  • Achieve own department’s deployed quality objectives and targets. Also reach own sales target.
  • Take charge of customers/orders and providing the necessary information about our products in term of type of product, price (Sale quotation), delivery time, term & conditions in due time.
  • Take responsibility of outstanding invoices (over the time mentioned in the contract)
  • Search and identify locally new potential markets and customers.
  • Be responsible to issue the department action plan together with the team.
  • Supervise and control own customer service team to work efficiently and effectively through work instructions and customer requirements. And also keep the team updating about new products and procedures
  • Cooperate working with technical team to introduce new products and services to our customers.
  • Continually collect, analyze and monitor information from customers in order to improve the performance of customer satisfaction.
  • Collect and analyze customer – related information about the market situation in the local perspective and report them to the Country Lead in order to meet future needs and expectations of customers.
  • Be able to fill out tenders meticulously and submit in time
  • Communicate with the customers to review the customer-specific requirements in order to offer solutions, prices, and schedule of his products.
  • Coordinate with relevant supply function, production / personalization department regarding to the order status, artwork status, scheduling, as well as providing every updated information from customer services to them.
  • Work with customer service department to track running orders, pushing for your customers to get the fastest delivery

Education and Qualifications

  • Master’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Must have a driving license


  • Possess interpersonal skills and service-oriented mindset.
  • Possess applicable working knowledge and skills particular to teambuilding and problem solving.
  • Can work independently prioritizing any tasks under constraints of time.
  • Be communicative with good command of English both spoken and written.
  • Can apply knowledge in computer skill (MS office, Outlook)
  • Be able to creatively find solutions under pressure
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to think outside of the box and come up with creative solutions
  • Apply logic and common sense to daily work situations




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