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The Executive Director will provide strategic leadership for the entire organization, and guide, motivate, support and hold accountable the leadership and staff of sure organizational systems and practices are effective, efficient, transparent and accountable and reflect highest integrity.

The Director will engage with external actors and represent the organization in a manner that furthers the organisation’s objectives and earns the organization respect. The Director will work with the Board of Directors to safeguard and renew the vision, effectiveness and long-term sustainability in Tanzania.


  • Lead and nurture the team to achieve our mission and vision.
  • Set the organisation’s short and long term strategy in coordination with the board and staff, and assure that we’re effectively implementing that strategy towards our objectives and vision.
  • Uphold and represent the organisation’s core values with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Lead and develop our senior management team, and ensure that they too are equipped to lead and develop their own teams to fulfil the organisation’s objectives and to thrive in their work.
  • In partnership with our responsible officer, grow our organizational systems, processes, policies and culture so we can thrive as we grow. Build upon what’s been working and implement new approaches to fill gaps or improve how we work as we scale our impact.
  • Safeguard the organisation’s independence and impartiality; celebrate, promote and uphold the values and principles of the Organization, and work to see that they are reflected in all that The organisation is and does.
  • Understand, promote, communicate, implement, renew and deliver on The organisation’s 2020-2023 Strategy. Lead development of program components; guide and support managers/coordinators/programme officers in the development and execution of plans and budgets.
  • Provide leadership and strong support for The organisation’s learning, monitoring and evaluation work; develop a culture that takes learning seriously,
  • Oversee and play lead role in human resource recruitment and development, and help create a motivating and critical learning environment for all staff across the organization.
  • Represent the organisation across East Africa and Globally. Together with Research, Advocacy and Communications Officers/ Managers undertake public and policy engagement that furthers the organisation’s mission and earns respect.
  • Develop and cultivate working relationships with key actors in government, parliament, media, business, civil society, academics and donors in East Africa and where relevant, globally.
  • Lead fundraising consistent with the organisation principles to ensure sufficient funds are available, cultivate trusting and mutually respectful relationships with donors.
  • Oversee operational and financial management policies, systems and practices; ensure they embody good stewardship and value of resources entrusted to us, achieve clean audit report each year.
  • Promote the value of and ensure compliance with organizational policies, systems and procedures; continue to oversee the development of effective workflow systems.
  • Oversee all legal matters, including reviewing, quality assuring and signing all contracts on behalf of the Organization; ensure timely compliance with all statutory obligations.
  • Liaise closely with the Board and help it to exercise effective governance, leadership and accountability, including by keeping it well informed and preparing well and in good time for Board meetings and consultations.
  • Ensure effective management system is in place and that the organisation staff understands their purpose, role and key performance indicators (KPIs); keep track on the same on a monthly basis through dashboards and other systems, and conduct staff performance appraisal on annual basis.
  • Build, motivate and lead a strong and cohesive team that works together to create joy and make The organisation Tanzania a truly wonderful place to be.

Education and Qualifications

  • A Master's degree and above in social sciences or other related field.


  • At least 5 years' experience of program planning, implementation and monitoring, policy and community engagement and management experience at senior level, with the track record of effectively leading and scaling a performance and outcomes based organization and staff complement.
  • Proven experience in fundraising
  • Impeccable integrity.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills in English.
  • Strong knowledge of development, particularly transparency, accountability and citizen engagement, and at least one of the social service delivery sectors.
  • Ability to cultivate strong relationships, articulate positions and generate respect among colleagues, and holding excellent organizational, reporting, leadership and management skills.
  • An outstanding record of leadership in education, policy, public affairs, or citizen engagement in Tanzania and to be able to demonstrate the skills and track-record needed to lead an esteemed Non-Governmental Organization.
  • Strong strategic orientation and ability to engage creatively, being able to identify and decipher the trends that may impact social accountability and rights.
  • A record of planning and managing and completing strategic and operational plans for an organization. Demonstrated experience working with a board as the accountable executive.
  • Exceptional leadership and management skills with a high level capacity and operational experience to manage all aspects of a diverse and multi-cultural organization.
  • Demonstrated business judgment and analytical decision making.
  • An astute understanding of the governance and political landscape across East Africa.
  • Ability and experience in working in cross-sectoral non-traditional partnership bridging together social movements and activists, philanthropy, business, government, human rights organizations and other civil society including faith organizations.
  • Be an accomplished public intellectual with excellent relationship building skills, public speaking and media skills to build upon the organization’s solid credibility and profile.
  • Be and excellent communicator and collaborator with a strong record of communication and public affairs in diverse settings.
  • Unwavering commitment to learning, critical self-reflection, data driven monitoring and evaluation. Willing to admit failure and to change her or his mind where warranted.
  • Courageous leader, unafraid to articulate positions and safeguard the independence of The organisation


  • An ethical leader of leaders, committed to empowering and equipping those around them, and leading us towards a shared vision!
  • An eagerness to learn and adapt with humility and openness. We work in a rapidly changing world, and no one knows all the answers.
  • A willingness to travel world wide.
  • A passion for kids and the next generation! We’re an organization that does it for the kids!




Non-profits (NGO): 5 Years



Project & Program Management: 5 Years