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This role is accountable for all operations in a business, achieving strategic objectives through other managers and their teams over periods of 1 to 2 years. The holder is responsible for strategic direction of the Business, including all components of Finance, HR, Marketing and Brand, Risk & IT.


Leadership Effectiveness

  • Provides overall leadership and vision in developing a sustainable long-term growth and strategic direction for the business
  • Develops and maintains a sound, effective organisational culture, ensuring capable management succession, as well as progressive employee training and development programs
  • Manages direct (Ops Manager and Executives & Senior Specialists), indirect reports (Team Leaders / Clerical staff) and Sales staff

Business Development

  • Managing the development of the business in terms of product set and distribution (including economic viability)
  • Manages the profitability of the business (bottom line responsibility)

Risk Management

  • Analyse risks and determines strategies for managing them and ensuring that assets are adequately safeguarded and maintained

Stakeholder Management

  • Ensures that approppriate level of engagement and relationships are maintained with important internal and external stakeholders
  • Strong focus on cross functional operation and networking across internal and external boundries
  • Manage key external relationship to create a supportive brand, inclusive of media and marketing strategies

Strategy Implementation

  • Sets direction for a significant sized Group company at a strategic and tactical level, and develops and takes accountability for a business plan which is aligned to the Country strategy (consolidation of level 3 plans)
  • Responsible for strategic direction of the Business, including all components of Finance, HR, Marketing and Brand, Risk & IT

Functional Effectiveness

  • Delegates to, and manages, functional teams
  • Integrates functional teams
  • Engages stakeholders at all levels (primarily internal) to optimize internal supply chain
  • Develops MMs and specialists under supervision
  • Selects potential MMs to sustain pipeline

Education and Qualifications

  • 10 years business experience
  • 10 years relevant Senior Management Experience
  • Tertiary Qualification - Commerce


  • Strategic Development
  • Leading with Influence
  • Relating(Collaborating)