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Communications Event Management


  • Internal communication- Facilitate effective flow of information between internal stakeholders, i.e. management and employees

  • External communication- Linkage of corporate brand to external stakeholders through media, public relations, etc.

  • Analysis, monitoring and management key issues and developments within the operating environment is vital for the business to achieve set performance goals.


  1. Develop and deliver internal communication strategies and plans with timely and relevant information reinforcing company values while promoting transparent communication

  2. Develop and execute innovative external communication strategies and plans protecting corporate image and company’s reputation

  3. Work collaboratively with internal business functions and leadership to create and provide

  1. Create high quality informative content on business operations, sustainability and achievement and design appropriate corporate communication materials e.g. articles, newsletter, bulletin, website etc.

  2. Deliver an active social media plan with up todate website promoting company’s corporate image

  3. Develop communication articles on positive impacts on community investment program ensuring visibility of the community investment programs

  4. Manage crisis communication plan

  1. Develop strong public and media relations ensuring appropriate fora for with stakeholder and media engagement

  2. Provide a regular analysis and reporting of Government, political, legislative and regulatory environment that have an impact on business operations

  3. Protect views and positions on anticipated economic, legislative and regulatory issues to address business needs ensuring they are properly understood, considered and integrated into official processes.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree on Communication, Public Relations, Economics or related degree, a Master’s Degree will be an added advantage


  • More than 8 years experience in a managerial position in the relevant field

Reporting To

Corporate Affairs Director 




Manufacturing: 5 Years



Communications: 5 Years

Event Management: 5 Years