Time to Hustle

By Georgina Nyambura ~ HR Expert on 03 May 2020Motivation


Looking at the pandemic, the lockdown and all the chaos happening around the world right now we are left to wonder why this is happening and where it is heading.  There is no doubt that the pandemic is affecting nations with countries shutting down, companies going out of business, individuals loosing their jobs and the global economy affected.

This experience is not the first and it will not be the last. We have been there before in 2002 when SARS arose from China, spread and seriously affected the world in just a few months.  In the last twenty years, the world has experienced three major economic crashes. We are in that negative period once again.  It may last another two months, nine months or a year. Nevertheless, knowing that it will not last forever and that things will bounce back to normal, in just a matter of time is comforting.

It is a negative period that requires certain people who are the right fit to be the positive channel that allows positivity to flow through them to the world. People who can look at problems and challenges from a different angel.  People who know that where there is a problem there is always a solution. 

Both the SARS and Covid-19 viruses emerged from China and were managed very well and very quickly compared to what the rest of the world is experiencing.  China is back on its feet again and on the run.  How did they do it?  Well, We might just learn from the Chinese.  There is one of the Chinese sayings… ‘within every crisis comes danger and opportunity’.  I have heard people saying that the word ‘crisis’ is not in the Chinese vocabulary. I do not know how true that is but I personally have come to a realization that the good or bad is a matter of one’s perspective. 

So how do we look at the experience we are currently going through?  Do we look at it as a plague or an awakening?  Is it a dangerous thing happening or can we learn to thrive through it? Do we see it as an opportunity and are we able to shift our focus? Can we take up the challenge to prove that we can think outside the box - by going online perhaps instead of struggling offline or look for opportunities to serve people? Those who truly know how to serve and ask themselves how they can be of help or where they can make a positive impact are the people who understand that true leadership is about service. 

Those who can bring their hearts to serve are the ones who will rise beyond this pandemic and when it all comes to the end, when we shall come out of this, the average person will look at all these leaders made from the Covid-19 experience, the influencers, entrepreneurs, super stars, heroes  and wonder where they came from. Some will say that they just got lucky failing to appreciate that those are the ones who turned the hustle game into another level.  They are the superstars who are going to change the world. They are the hustlers!

These are the people who were hustling during the pandemic, while everybody was watching TV, busy with play-station or lazing around sleeping while trying to figure out when this thing will be over and waiting to hear what the government will say or do.

All big brands in the world emerged during the financial crisis, economic crashes, world wars, recession, the great depression, etc. This is because during these periods most people are affected by some sort of problems be it emotional, physical, mental, financial to mention but a few.  Businesswise, competition is less.

Whenever there is a problem there is a solution.  The greater the problem, the greater the solution, the greater the reward. Therefore, those who work smarter through this pandemic period than they have ever worked before are the ones who will exponentially grow. There is no doubt that during the lockdown period, babies will be made and families will grow too by the time the pandemic is over.  We need to apply the same principle in other areas of our lives as well whether in business, skill development, financially or even spiritually. 

Are you a hustler?Keep going, keep pushing, and keep your head up high.Don’t stop. Now is the time for the real hustle.


By Georgina Nyambura ~ HR Expert