Plan and Prepare for your Next Chapter: Be Present

By Amelye Nyembe ~ Head of HR at Total on 29 Apr 2020Motivation


It took me few hours to think of what I needed to write, so thought cautiously not to turning the first opportunity given to share my views. With deepest gratitude, I wish to thank the visionary bold lady behind Empower, who came into my life and inspired, touched and allowed me to shine through her presence. Much respect to the entire Empower team who manage and run the show - kudos! Your work is not in vain.


I acknowledge the Kingdom to which I belong, as it is such a privilege to be His ambassador here on earth. I also would like to express my gratitude to all the people that I came across in my life to date for their magnificent support and contributions to my journey thus far. Asante sana!


I was named Amelye (Hehe origin) meaning ‘God Given’ born with a natural sense of rhythm style and joy which was enhanced and encouraged by a supportive family. I was fortunate to be born with a middle-income parent with my father being certified accountant and my mother a midwife-nurse with nothing much to show off-financially but lot more Love to give, who devoted much of her time helping people in her area of expertise while at home and workplace.


I draw my love and giving arty to people from my immediate, broader family and community at large. I grew up at a time where I saw my parents and others share everything with everyone in the broader community, some of you understand what I mean. It is on the same note that I get the love for people from. I salute you Mom & Dad for giving me to Kingdom at an early age, which set my foundation right to this very time. I acknowledge all those who were used by God to have supported me spiritually, economically, socially and technologically.  Furthermore, my gratitude to those who roughed my life up in many ways, you have been a strong inspiration for me, today it is impossible for me to hate people even if I was to try, I acknowledge you.


To you the reader, Compliments for having embarked on this journey of Plan, Prepare for NEXT Chapter. I hope you be touched as you read; I have chosen life and I am living it, and hope you will draw lesson/s to apply at home, School, business, Profession and/or other areas of your daily interaction as deem fit. I love you!


My views are in this so-called Global Crisis and how many of us are singing the same tune of coronavirus crisis, while some of you are even wearing masks inside your hearts. The coronavirus is more spread in our minds and thinking than the disease itself spread in the entire universe. My thinking is on how we must come out on top of all said and done. However, the power and secret to do so lies within you as individual. I believe everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life, and its attracted by all the images that you are forming into your mind, your thinking, as it has always been and will always be.


‘Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want, make it absolute clear in our minds what we want, and from that we start to invoke one of the greatest laws in the universe, and that’s the law of attraction. You become what you think about most, but you also attract what you think about most’ ~ John Assaraf


That said means our lives right now is a reflection of our past thoughts, that is all great things and all not so great things, this means we can evaluate to see what our thoughts were and reflect with our now, still do not dwell in the past look at your today’s understanding and appeal your future with the secret of the law of attraction. If can see it in your mind, then can hold it in your hand. Simply thoughts become things or reality.


My sentiments are in this Global RESET, and how most of us have enslaved our minds/concentrations  with fear in all aspects of our lives, be it economically, socially, psychologically and spiritually.  Have a meeting with yourself and ask tough questions honestly what is enslaving you? What have you given your authority and life to that’s not in alignment with your plans/purpose for your life?

We must arise and say N
AHI! NAHI means NO, we must be fully aware of who we are and whose we belong. The enemy and the world know we are fruitful and exceedingly strong and we have the potential to abundantly increase and multiply. As of now, we must start developing new skills that will help us move ahead. Take this time as a transition period to upgrade and upskill your know-how, play and bond, do something fun and crazy with your family.


Covid-19 is trying to overpower us and take away our power of creation and the moment we all start speaking, believing and taking ownership of our thought and become aware of how incredibly powerful we are! Then you will be able to THINK your life into being. Become a master of your thoughts and one way to master your mind is learning to quiet your mind.


So, I challenge us all to gain control over our thoughts. The battle is real, and we must fight back, now it’s our turn to embrace this sacrifice and hit the ground running. Time waits for no man. The word VUCA (Volatile; Uncertainty; Complexity & Ambiguity) commonly used by American military must be embraced by all of us. For example, the need for a maker instinct (the ability to grow things), rapid prototyping, clarity, and the ability to immerse yourself in unfamiliar environments and learn fast. Those in leadership must recognise agile leaders, innovators and senior-middle level executives with the ability to take clear decisions in times of uncertainty and complexity.


Be aware and be here now – if in class be in class not in your mind, if at work be at work not in your mind wondering out! If someone is speaking to you, listen and focus in what they are saying and stop annotation in your head.


As we comply to what the medical specialists and authorities recommend to us on Covid -19 prevention, please always remember to look at yourself in the mirror and declare victory in your plans and life.


By Amelye Nyembe ~ Head of HR at Total