Nourish your Mind, Body and Soul

By Zena Tenga ~ PR & Communications Specialist on 27 Apr 2020Health & Wellness


The concept ‘Selfcare’ may seem over used or just a farce; but when practice, it can bring peace and a sense of fulfillment.


There tends to be a lot of clichés and different schools of thoughts, when it comes to talking about self-care. Speaking for myself and from my experience, the concept is pretty much straight forward. Selfcare is simply having the ability for self-awareness and to know when to stop. This can be achieved by doing different activities that have meaning and are beneficial for your mind, body and soul.


Looking back three years ago; as a wife, a mother and a working woman; the idea of taking time for myself seemed so far-fetched. I would run my energy so low, to the detriment of my health; thus, affecting my relationships at home and work. My love for reading, was my saving grace. Reading through online articles, I can across the concept of ‘selfcare’ and what it meant to different people and that each selfcare and selflove journey is different for each individual. I started my journey back then; and fast forward to today, with the knowledge I have gained thus far, I made a point to share it with as many people as I possibly can.


BODY, MIND & SOUL; for me these three connect to each other; one cannot be without the other. And this is how I have come to understand them from my own experiences.  It is wise to say that each person will have a different experience.



For one to have self-care and stay emotionally clean, one needs to feed the mind with healthy thoughts. It is important for one to nourish the mind with ‘positive thinking’. As simple as it might sound, like most people I too have struggled with thinking positively. This practice take time, but once it is mastered the mind is limitless. I’ve come to realised once you think positive everything else will align itself and take its course.



Just like the mind, our bodies need to be fed with healthy foods that are rich in nutrients. Maintaining a healthy diet and incorporating exercise into your life is key. Again, this sounds simple and common knowledge, but it is one of the hardest things most of us struggle to balance and maintain. I learnt the hard way, that what you put or don’t put in your body, will ultimately affect your mind and soul; be it positively or negatively, therefore paying attention to nourishing your body is vital.




Nourishing the soul is about having faith in what you believe in; religious or spiritual. It can be anything as long as you have faith in it, and it brings you joy and peace.


For many feeding the soul is practicing religious rituals such as reading scriptures or participating in prayer. Having peace within yourself gives you balance and self-alignment. Feeding your soul is also listening to music that you love, reading a great book or simply enjoying a lovely cup of tea as you watch the sun set.


To be at peace with your mind, body and soul, you need to say goodbye to self-judgment, self-shame and self-hate. Learn to love and appreciate your flaws as they tell your story. I’ve come to learn and firmly believe that everyone has a story to tell; don’t be afraid or ashamed to tell yours, it might just inspire or even change someone’s life.

So be still, breath, manifest and be at peace.


By Zena Tenga ~ PR & Communications Specialist