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Gerald Tarimo

Gerald Tarimo

18 Aug 2020

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Dear Friends, I know everyone of us go through different life situation. There are moments of happiness, gratefully and enjoyment and there are moments of sadness, painful and broken. These sadness and happiness moments may happen either to our relationship, business life, employment or to our general life mattered situation. As ocean wave, morning is small ripples, while afternoon is large ripples (ceteris paribus), happy or sad situation is not permanent to anyone of us. Sometimes unexpectedly, out of our control, some changes happen in our life. These changes may be positive or adverse to our life cycle. Some situation may lead high profit to our business hence happiness while other situation may lead fall of profit (or loss) hence sadness. It same on employment, there are situation that lead job loss while other situations may help us to prosper on our job. There is no way we can avoid up and down in our life as long we are alive. We become champion on how we tackle downfall time toward achieve upward successful/happiness life.

This article should encourage and give hope to all our brothers and sisters who seeking employment opportunities. May be you are looking for your first job or re-seeking job after lost your previous one. We are all aware that job seeking situation is tuff and stressfully especially in under developing countries like Tanzania. You may have right skills and qualified, but getting new job may be difficult and time consuming. The situation may be more worsen to graduate who stay up to several months without secure the single interview. You may be disappointed, stressfully and even confused. I would like to tell you my brothers and sisters, as ocean wave, this difficulties job seeking situation won’t stay with you forever, if you have determination and work toward right direction. Become success after bit your downward time of being unemployed.

According to my view,below are list of things that will help you are job seeking journey.

* Equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills base on your field of interest.

* Do not limit yourself on study and acquire new knowledge and skills that is different from what you have learned from collage.

* Learning online job seeking skills (Most of job advertisement nowadays are online. Job seeker must understand which are guanine sites(like Empower & others) for online job advertisement, and visit them regularly)

* Prepare good professional, attractive and convinced resume and cover letter. (Seek expertise if possible).

* For graduate, seek the internship or volunteer position to boost your experiences.

* Networking yourself, especially on professional sites like LinkedIn (ask for referral) .Make sure that your LinkedIn profile are greater and visible to recruiter.

* Reading carefully job description and requirements before send your application.

* For email application, prepare the attractive short mail body to express your skill and experience.

* After send application, prepare good feedback request mail, which you will send several days after closure of application window.

To all recruiters, we are recognizing and appreciate for service you provide to job seekers. More has to be done to help many job seekers to secure the job. You have power to transform and change the job seeker attitude toward give-up. You are in position to transform somebody life to better professional life. Inspite of what you have been done so far, you are suppose to change attitude of “lack of skills” toward un-experienced graduate. You can invite many un-experienced graduates to interview in line with experienced candidate for them to learn and fill the pitch of interview. You should provide the feedback to all candidate you have rejected. We all know the power of feedbacks to transform the skills and mindset of candidate. Dear recruiters, the career of job seekers are on your hands, I request you to support them without tired.

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Gerald Tarimo
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Gerald Tarimo

As experienced individuals on both telecom and ICT companies, I’m excited how technologies revolution will impact our life and future generation.

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