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It is said, the hardest words humans can say to someone else are two; Thank You and Sorry.

Can you believe that? Honestly, I don’t. And the reason is simple. Thank You and Sorry by themselves aren’t hard but it’s the ego within a person who says them, which makes them hard to say.

But what kind of ego am I talking about?

There are many definitions of ego. Whatever definition you will come across will fall into one of these definitions;

  1. It is an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others
  2. It is your consciousness of your own identity/your sense of personal identity

Everyone has an ego and it will show in either the first definition or the second.

There is nothing wrong with being in the second because it helps in showing your uniqueness, to stand up for yourself in things that matter to you and to put plans into actions. For instance, charging higher prices than your competitors for service you offer because you believe you are the guy to go to if a client wants great results, it can be seen as ego but it’s good because it identifies you as a brand and expert.

The problem arises when your ego falls into the first definition. To say Thank You and Sorry to people in this category is very hard. For them a word Thank You is the same as a fight and Sorry is the same as defeat. Let’s elaborate on that.

A boss who never appreciates the efforts of his employees even by simple words like saying Thank You is fighting so hard not to do simply is a Boss. A husband in a quarrelling relationship who finds it so hard to say Sorry though he is a person responsible, to him is a sign of defeat.

So, how do Thank You and Sorry affect your Business?


  1. When was the last time you said sorry for paying late salaries to your employees?

Just because finding a job is hard, paying late has become so normal for you in a sense your employees grew accustomed to it. It may work for you in the short run, but in the long run it won’t because there is a limit to how much and how long humans can stand something.

It is said, people don’t leave companies, they leave bad bosses. To add on to that, I think they leave a bad company culture. What is the culture of your company?

  • Does it support employees’ growth, or do they just need to be married to your company (there for a job nothing else, if an employee doesn’t like it, he/she can get the hell out)?
  • Does it make your employees feel like they belong there or just outsiders?
  • What do you do when you wronged your employees or you just stay quiet and let it pass?

Company culture has a lot within. Speaking of what you do when you wrong your employees, paying salaries late falls in this category. As a boss and leader, you need to know that these people have families and need to take care of. Things happen in business, it’s true. But you took the road of starting a business which is so hard for many because you believe you can lead people.

And being a leader means taking responsibilities and being accountable. One of them is saying sorry and assuring them you are doing your best to change things around in the company, respectively.

I believe when you become sincere with your employees and they see what you do to change things, they will become loyal and your champions in helping you. I saw a video once of a receptionist of Jack Ma who has worked there for about 14 years for little or no salary at all, now she is Vice President of Alibaba who is worth millions of dollars after Alibaba went Public.

See, sometimes it’s not about the salary which employees are looking for. There are so many things and you as leader must find out.

  1. When was the last time you said Thank You to your employees for a job well done?

Speaking of many things that employees are looking for in a company culture, appreciation is one of them.

It can come in different forms. Some bosses reward their staff with brand new cars, houses, salary raise, fully paid vacation and even simple a Thank You note.

Do you know a handwritten Thank You note which comes from you personally as a Boss can mean a lot to your employee? You might say it’s just a piece of paper. It is but that piece of paper has sentimental value which only your employee, the one receiving it can understand.

Think of two books. One is signed by Author and another is not. It is the same book with the same contents by the same Author but it’s the signature which makes all the difference. Signature is equal to a sentimental value. Authors understand this, that’s why they hold book signing events and look at their sales. It’s massive.

Email can work, a typed letter can work but a handwritten Thank You note ticks all the time. And when you write it, make it personal to personal and sincere.

That’s all.


  1. Saying sorry doesn’t make you less than you are. You are already a Boss, nothing can change that, and your employees know it. Saying sorry means you are human too who can make mistakes and as a leader you are working to change things around for the better. Be sincere in words and actions, your employees will become your champions in helping you and loyal to your company.
  1. There are many ways to appreciate your employees for what they have done for your business and company. One of them is saying, Thank You. Email and typed letters can work but make it a habit to write a handwritten one. A handwritten note has sentimental value which only your employee can understand.



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Shamte Kilalile

Founder, SparkCopy

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