Attention Marketing Executives & Business Owners: Copywriters Are There To Offer Their Help, Not Taking Advantage Of You Attention Marketing Executives & Business Owners: Copywriters Are There To Offer Their Help, Not Taking Advantage Of You
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I couldn’t wait to take this out of my chest.

Not because it pissed me off, but I believe as a copywriter it is my duty to speak about my copywriting industry on what we can offer for your business as much as it is yours to want and wish your products and service cut off all noises in marketplace and become the leading one.

If you got my point from the above paragraph, then we are in WIN-WIN Situation here. Allow me to proceed. But first, I want to put one thing clear.

There is good and bad in everything, include copywriters. There are mediocre copywriters and great copywriters.

The mediocre ones write a copy for the sake of writing it backed up by the beauty of graphics and designing, but if you take those graphics and designs away, the copy is just empty words,

nothing of value,

not delivering.

The great things about these mediocre copywriters (well, if you consider them to be great); they are cheap,

their intention is to sell you something and not building relationship,

they just don’t care if you will come back to them.

If those things seem great to you, by all means go to them, they are plenty of them out there.

Then there are great copywriters.

Their intention I to build long term relationship with their clients.

When you give them the project to write copies for your product or business or service, they wear your shoes, they feel what you feel about your project,

Their copies, not depending on graphics or designing, so persuasive and so compelling even on white piece of paper,

They are masters in crafting their message because they know what they are doing and because they took time to build their writing skills. They know what’s working and what's not,

But the bad things (well, again, if you will consider them to be bad);

they are very few,

rarely ones to find and

they are expensive.

If these things seem bad to you, again there is always option, mediocre ones.

Check, that one thing cleared.

Lets talked about how, we, copywriters who embrace traits of great copywriters offer our help.

I sent this email to one of my potential clients who live in abroad,

Hallo XXXX,

My name is Shamte Kilalile and Iam Copywriter living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Iam your fellow Tanzanian.

I noticed you are about to launch your APP and with what I have come across following your Instagram page in terms of how you plan to run it, it’s going to be a milestone. And believe me, am not saying this to impress you, but I have deep knowledge when it comes to entrepreneurship and I can smell something great miles away. And I did with your App.

I love to be part of that something big not when it's big, but when it's still a baby and watching it to grow. That’s why am reaching out to you with this email.

When it comes to copywriting, Iam a member of American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI). A wide a pool of Copywriters from around the World. In copywriting business, AWAI knows what they are doing, and we have been trained to excel to that level of excellence for our clients.

The shortest definition of Copywriting is using words to persuade people to take some kind of action, such as clicking on an ad or purchasing a product. We are sales people behind our computers or typewriters and we write a lot of stuffs, like emails (such as this one you are reading), blog posts, articles, landing pages, case studies, FAQs, marketing eBooks, just to mention a few.

Now, here is deal. Below is the attached 2-pages word document of my copywriting and marketing outline for your APP on what I can do for you, the benefits you will gain and the future of it.

If it will interest you as much it interested me to prepare it for you, I look forward to our joining forces.


Shamte Kilalile

NB: © Copyright Protected by Shamte Kilalile

Just a friendly email from me to the client with intention of building a long-term relationship,

feeling what my potential client feels about the APP,

short introduction of copywriting in case, this particular client doesn’t know anything about it and

I even offer something of value for free; my 2-pages word document outline of what our future together will look like.

This is how I work.

And I love it.

Over to you Marketing Executives and Business Owners, does this look like someone who want to take advantage of you?

what are you looking for;

Mediocre Copywriters or

Great Copywriters?

I will love to see your thoughts in the comment section.

PS: Wishing to build our long term relationship together? Contact me;

Shamte Kilalile


Phone Number: +255718-515321 (Call & WhatsApp)



Shamte Kilalile is a Product Guy by nature, Economist by conventional education, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Copywriter, Blogger, Author and Screenplay Writer by self-education, Movies and TV's shows geek. Can be seen reading fiction, nonfiction books and screenplays when not binging on movies and shows.

He is a founder of SparkCopy-Tanzania based International standards service provider for copywriting, branding and ghostwriting for Students, Job seekers, Aspired writers, Business owners, Marketing executives, Film directors and Film producers with the aim of help them to do more of things they love and never worry about writing stuffs for their projects.

He has written three Swahili eBook Fictions; Nyuma ya Pazia la Utawa, Msaliti & Mpango Kabambe. Two Spec screenplays adapted from those three books. One Business eBook; Personal Guide: How To Become An Entrepreneur, Another Spec Screenplay in English Language titled 100, Two Short Stories; Natamani Kukusahau & Isn’t Such A Bad Idea.

Currently is living in a beautiful city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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Shamte Kilalile
Written by

Shamte Kilalile

Hi, My name is Shamte Kilalile, founder of SparkCopy. I craft awesome creative letters, no nonsense blog contents, super-duper fiction and business ebooks, dope screenplays, catchy brand names and taglines. I can make your dream come true, with no magic wand though, but my fairy words.

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