The Modern Pied Pipers Of Hamelin: ''Masters Of None.'' The Modern Pied Pipers Of Hamelin: ''Masters Of None.''
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In 1284, while the town of Hamelin was suffering from a rat infestation, a piper dressed in multicolored (“pied”) clothing appeared, claiming to be a rat-catcher. He promised the mayor a solution to their problem with the rats. He later played a tune that led the rats towards drowning and saving the Halem city from plutonic circumstances.

One would ask me what is the essence of that story towards this article write up which is also carried with pied piper’s title? Well honestly, the story came as an intertwine between reading the story and a paradox of something that dominates the world- “leadership.” The paradox being a gap that is missing towards acting up when you are supposed to, I call it the “none” which is owned by the “master.”

It's getting rusty, but yes! let me explain. The fact is that we as humans sometimes gaze around and ignore aspects particularly problems that affect us either personally or by societal bounds. We all have a sensitive element that makes us sometimes go numb, scientists call it the “logical fallacy.”

It is a topic of another day, logical fallacy can attribute to a. master of none element but it is not inborn, it is rare and thus what makes up a master of none element is a person’s own control. So Often, we tend to ignore little things we can make positive change from, for instance: sharing a common ground practice or knowledge that could benefit others which is related to being selfish, failure to acknowledge the responsibility of duties levied with, and even miscommunicating with selves.

The above characteristics, therefore, create a person who is not “methodical” enough to solve a problem, let alone that it could not only affect him or her but others as well causing detrimental effects that compound bad behaviors, so how do we avoid it?

To kill off the masters of none element, let's take a look back at the pied piper’s elements that created a haven of a methodical leader who solved the community’s problem.

  1. Showing up and accepting responsibility. When the town of Hamelin was struck with rats, the pied piper did show up regardless of any criterion set. Lots of us do not want to show up and take responsibility for actions acclaimed to and instead would want to throw balls or wait for others so we could follow suit, imagine if the pied piper was never bold enough? Let's take action when needed to.
  2. Pulling in no blame. The society where we are today likes to point fingers and throw balls as to who did what or who did not do what. A methodical leader like the pied piper did put no blame and went straight into putting action to fill in the void. Let's match that.
  3. Thinking and providing a simple and viable solution. The pied piper used a simple solution, a pipe to drown the rats. It does not have to take rocket science automation to build up, a singular solution could do the trick.
  4. Never put credit first and last. The pied piper was contracted but never asked for recognition before or even after. Lots of us today will ask to be credited for work before even delivering, the pride is the devil himself.

Drawing from the pied piper’s story, the Hamelin town is our current societies which is enclosed with various burdens such as strained relations and diseases and it is up to us to act as pied pipers that can emulate over and above the chaos, let us eliminate the masters of none titles and move forward.

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John Minango
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John Minango

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