Kensho and satori moments Kensho and satori moments
Ezila Shedrack

Ezila Shedrack

17 Jul 2020

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Today is my birthday, Thank you God for everything in my life. As celebration of my birthday I would like  to share with you how we grow in life through suffering or through gradual accumulation of evolved meaning schema over time. 

Kensho and satori 

In life you can choose to grow up through pain or insight. “pain or insight ” It sound simple, doesn't but both of these elements dance with us throughout life and they are designed to help us grow as individuals as human beings.  As you read this Article pay attention and ask yourself in the past few months have you been growing by Kensho or Satori? 

Now Kensho is growth by pain, it's when pains enters our life to prompt us to make shift, the wound is where the light enters you, kensho can be career failure, business failure, relationship breakups and so many. 

You start a business but it fails and lose a lot of money. It's painful but you look back at what may have gone wrong and learn what to do and what not to do to the next time to attempt your next business.

You may be extremely ambitious at work but stress takes its toll and you fall ill. It's painful but once you recover you make a commitment to take better care of your health. 

You're in a relationship but it ends, breakup happens. It pain but the experience makes your heart more resilient and you learn to love proper person and appreciate yourself more. 

I hope that if you just think about who you are now, you will see that you're completely different person from who you were three years ago. It's because these kensho moments as small and as subtle they are build up over time. 

Now, the second way of growing up is far more pleasurable but happens far less frequently it's Satori.

Satori comes from moments of sudden awakening, it's growth by insights and they can seem to come to you almost at random. Satori is that A-ha! moment we have all felt when somethings just clicks. 

It's an idea you picked up from personal growth program, a revelation you get from a retreat or a seminar, a new form of wisdom you may get from a book or a meditation practice. 

Satori is a pleasant, it's pleasurable but best of all it level up you in a way where the things that used to scare is just a distant memory. You operate at a completely different levels and you can take on new life challenges ( challenges that you wouldn't have taken before) with the confidence and courage. 

Understanding these two concepts has a profound impact to me. 

The idea of satori made me realize how important it's for us to fully embrace personal growth. Yes satori moments happens infrequently but by immersing ourselves in our personal growth we put ourselves in the best position inspiration and life becomes an overgrowing, unfolding of new ideas, insights and awakening 

On other hand the idea of Kensho made me see and experience painful moments in my life in a completely different light, pains is no longer something that can pull me down.  Instead pain becomes an indicator to me that I'm in a cusp of new growth. It's a matter of correcting the direction of my life to find that path to level up. 

So, next time you exprience a painful moments as we all do in life, ask yourself this question 

“what have I learnt from this and how can I grow ”?

After you done, you will quickly realize that pain is northing more than the universe way of directing you to take next step in life. 

Thank you for reading this I hope now you have something in your mind. 

Now, I want you to take 2minutes, think about your life journey, your business, your company, your relationship or anything that has a huge impact to you then take a  piece of paper respond these questions:

1. Which way have you been growing in the last few months or years? Kensho or satori? 

2. What were the kensho(pain) moments that hinted you to change? 

3. What satori(insight)moments you experienced and how did it change the way you see the world? 

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Ezila Shedrack
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Ezila Shedrack

A graduate of school of law with the experience of 4years of working with INGOs. Everything I do is to transform my life, family and career. I take opportunities to learn and challenge myself from new people and situations. Sometimes i do read books, Online quests, Meditation and Listening musics.

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