Inception Inception
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Putting thoughts into paper or rather the action of putting one's thoughts into paper has never been easy. It always seems simple when writers produce another best seller, another great book that alters your thought process and to some extent, even your behaviour for what seems like a lifetime but in reality, it was barely an episode of your least favourite show, found at the end of your continue watching list on Netflix. So how do they do it? How do all the greats become impeccable at this art? 

What you are reading now is a manifesto on how to become one of them; the trick is to have a beginning, middle and end. Forget the middle and the end part for now - Just begin! That is all you truly have to do. Starting is one of the hard bits, but truth be told – all of it is a hard beat, and honestly a bit too hard at times. Life was not promised to us, and an easy life, laughable! Not to anyone at all. Before I lead us astray from the point that I am trying to make, which is inception, starting, beginning, day 1, your Genesis! 

Do not shy away from opening yourself up to the process. Do not fear it, because you will most likely have multiple foundations. Trial and error is essential for you to find you genre, for you to find your niche, your technique, and most importantly, your voice! 

Let me share my truth, and let me echo this; my truth! I have written multiple stories, reports, proposals, paragraphs, sentences and yes even mere titles. Titles that never got the opportunity to get their personal beginning middle and end. But, but, I still begun with the process of putting together that title, shout out to all the single titles! Every little effort exerted into the universe, your life, your reality will yield some results. So take it from me, create something, anything, many things, many foundations and watch it all unfold in the grander picture of life.

As I share my two cents of wisdom and my dollar of experience, I will not allow you to take my words for granted! You are only as good as the effort you put in, and with that said I would like you to put in that effort, go ahead and lay your cornerstone!

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Joel Lyaruu
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Joel Lyaruu

I am a mover and shaker - stage name is RiZKiD. My passion includes audio and visual content, written content and bringing ideas to life through creative and technological processes. If you are a fan of music, videos, thoughts and graphics do follow my series.

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