Ignite Your Life to Next Level Ignite Your Life to Next Level
Ezila Shedrack

Ezila Shedrack

03 Sep 2020

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Ignite Your Life to next super  level.

Do you feel you’re not growing or evolving to your fullest potential? Is there a particular dream or goal you can’t seem to achieve, despite your best efforts?And does much of the personal growth wisdom you take leave you feeling like something’s still missing?

Many of us when comes to personal growth we spend our entire lives never truly crossing the gap between where we are and where we want to be.And so we start believing that only certain people have a mystical power to shape the world according to their thoughts. To create opportunities seemingly out of thin air. And to even bend the fabric of reality in their favor.

“Level Up Your Consciousness, Level Up Your Life”

You might know several levels that a human being exprience during lifetime but today i am sharing my most believed and best levels of different scholars and different global philosophers. Every person on the planet is currently operating from one of these levels - which influences how we perceive and live our lives, and in turn our capacity for success, impact, fulfillment, peace, and connection.

Most of us spend our lives operating from one of the lower levels, although it is completely possible to rise up to the higher ones - provided we follow the right steps.


99% of the planet’s population operates from this level. At this level, we function based on our conditioning from society, culture, and education. At this level, most of us are bound by ideas like “you need a college degree”, or “you need to get a job and save for retirement”, or even “you have to go to church every Sunday”. When you question these patterns of human society, you start rising up to another


Level 2 is called the ‘Thoughts Create Reality’ stage. This is where personal growth resides. Here, you start exploring new ways of showing up in the world. It’s where you discover ideas like meditation, speed learning, personal transformation, and fitness hacking. It’s when you start ascending beyond what most people are doing, and becoming best. But this is far from the highest level you can be at.


At this level, you have questioned so many ideas of the traditional world that you’ve now stepped into being a ‘Servant To A Higher Calling’. This is where you will find new abilities start to emerge in you, including a feeling of connectedness with all of humanity and existence. A feeling of being completely tapped into your intuition and inner wisdom. A feeling of accelerated creation power, where your thoughts become reality at lightning speed. And even a feeling of connection to a Higher Power, as if the Universe itself is rooting for you.


This is a level of rare mystical Oneness with all that is. Most of people focuses on Stage 1 and 2, where the most tangible benefits await. However, through this new and updated version of the framework, you can start accessing this elusive level for the first time.

Currently, we are navigating the waves of a modern era that has gone more abundant with theory and theoreticians than practice. We are witnessing new concepts emerging everyday, new frameworks presented as the Truth. Spiritual masters, coaches, meditation teachers, breath technique youtubers, and the list of people who claim to know more about ourselves than we do goes on.

My Articles will show you how much power our Models of Reality have over the life we are living. You will become aware that our beliefs about the world have been programmed into us since childhood. You will discover that Models are changeable and you can always replace your outdated Models of Reality with new ones.

You want to know more how can you transform your life to another level??

Don't miss my next Article of 7 ways of transforming your life.

Thank you for taking your time reading this 

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Ezila Shedrack
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Ezila Shedrack

A graduate of school of law with the experience of 4years of working with INGOs. Everything I do is to transform my life, family and career. I take opportunities to learn and challenge myself from new people and situations. Sometimes i do read books, Online quests, Meditation and Listening musics.

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