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Effort can be simply defined as a vigorous or determined attempt - shout out Google.

If you ask me, life is all but a vigorous attempt, considering what we have to deal with externally and internally. When I wrote down the word effort I wanted to talk about the importance of putting in the work to get the results that you want. It is one thing to desire, to wish, to pray to God or request the universe to provide for you, but the question is what are you doing to support your desire, wish or prayer? And if you are putting in the work, are you putting in the right effort? are you putting in one hunnid?

Over the past year I have been watching Eric Thomas' (E.T) motivational videos on YouTube, thanks to my colleague Lightness. In one of his videos he talks about putting in the right effort. He says something along the lines of "do not wake up at 5AM because you think it's cool or trendy to wake up early, do not wake up early in the AM to read a fiction book while your day job is a financial analyst. If you are a financial analyst, read crucial financial reports, try and research on financial trends or create content that you could present to your team. You need to align your effort with your realms of needs and wants." E.T was not saying that the financial analyst shouldn't read fiction, all he was saying is that we should use our time wisely and attempt to do the things that will propel us on to the next platform. Making sure that the effort we exert into the universe takes us to our ideal location or yields our desires to life.

Time is always there and waits for no man; all it comes down to is one's structure or plan for the day and their levels of commitment to how much effort they are willing to put on the table.

How much are you willing to put down? How much?

Since we are on the topic of effort, how many of us can confidently admit to ourselves that we are working on maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Can you honestly admit to yourself the level of effort that you are putting to ensure that YOUR health is at an optimum level is at the max and you have nothing left to give. Please note a keyword in my previous statement, YOUR; my health standards differ from my sister, mother, father, colleagues, clients, and every other person - we might have similarities but each has a unique component to their build and design. Health is wealth, and we need to internalise this statement. After internalising we need to take the right actions; eating right - appropriate nutrients at appropriate frequencies, sleeping right, exercising, resting, socialising and maintaining a positive mental frequency. These are all important facets of life, I will touch on all aspects down the road of this series, hopefully I won't loose the effort - pun. I will kick off with eating right but as of now all I would love for you to ascribe is that your physical shell, matters.

Remember that everything you do is for you and not for anyone else, so put in the effort.

In the wise words of the Father of Asahd, "Don't play yourself!"

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Joel Lyaruu
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Joel Lyaruu

I am a mover and shaker - stage name is RiZKiD. My passion includes audio and visual content, written content and bringing ideas to life through creative and technological processes. If you are a fan of music, videos, thoughts and graphics do follow my series.

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