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Monday 9th August

The first day of my leave.

Decided to go for lunch at a chilled restaurant.

So as i was halfway eating my food, this young man came and sat beside me. I had my mouth full so I couldn’t say hello and he was in a way stuck on his phone screen.

Few minutes later he said hello and initiated a conversation on what he is doing and how he is passionate about it. It is at this moment, I knew recruitment was deep in my personality than I thought.

I carefully listened and gave my feedback and even recommended a carrer path for this guy. He left happy and exicted to go research how he can still do graphics and be a system auditor. I hope it helps him in his career journey.

Its amazing how recruitment has shaped my personal communication, perspective and networking skills. I can’t wait to clock years and reflect on this beautiful journey.



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Doreen Nice
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Doreen Nice

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