5 Companies And NGOs You Should Know If You Want to Grow as a Young Person 5 Companies And NGOs You Should Know If You Want to Grow as a Young Person
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If you are reading this and you consider yourself as a young person who still has a long way to learn, grow, connect and interact with people who know what they are doing in their industries, take your time and study these 5 companies and NGO’s and they will serve a purpose.

1. Sahara Ventures

Sahara Ventures is a group of companies that consults for impact, accelerates businesses, and sparks your mind through conversation (fireside chats) in events like Sahara Sparks does the “Investor-Startup” matchmaking through Market places.

Sahara Ventures has a mission of building a stable innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa and this was rooted in its core belief that…

…the best way to solve a problem and create impact is by building a business around it!

If you ever know that building a great product or service required hard work, that means you need someone behind to keep you accountable. Not only that but being surrounded by great minds will always leave you inspired and motivated to build something big reacting to roadblocks along the way.

Where can you get like-minded people or great mentors who can keep you accountable? Well! It’s by exposing yourself to great environments.

Show up to events, join different talks and sometimes go to a co-working space for your work and connect with others and Sahara ventures got you covered.

Visit Sahra Ventures website here.

2. Empower Limited

It’s one of the dynamic Tanzanian human capital consultancy firms that specializes in talent acquisition (recruitment), training, and championing employees.

Through its program, coaching program, it helps young individuals to ensure that they are continuously growing their skills and influence as a professional.

If you are interested in pursuing further growth at your own pace and convenience, browse their coaching options here.

You can also join Empower Mover Platform and become one of the movers on their platform that gives you the chance to publish and share information of your interest, like blog posts, videos and so much more. You can join here.

3. DOT Tanzania

DOT Tanzania is a movement of daring young social innovators who are creating opportunities and transforming communities.

DOT programs support youth to deepen their understanding of those needs and challenges and provide them with the tools, knowledge, networks, and support to launch sustainable social initiatives that create positive change.

DOT Tanzania always has the intention of mobilizing the potential of young people and the power of technology in Tanzania. They are doing it in three ways;

  1. By supporting young women and men to become young leaders and providing seed funding, networks, and mentors for their promising enterprises and innovations
  2. By working with partners to strengthen the social innovation ecosystem throughout Tanzania; and
  3. By supporting technology integration into the education system.

Visit their page here.

4. Restless Development

Restless Development supports the journey of a young person to become a leader and helps them multiply that leadership in their communities.

Opportunities around Restless Development are through training and mentorship. Every year, Restless Development train, mentor, nurture, and connect thousands of young people to lead change. The fact that they run it all, still they can’t do it without talented, creative individuals at every level of our organization, and there come young people.

If you believe in their mission to support young people to change our world, feel free to join them here. You may also search for paid and voluntary opportunities on their page.

Visit their website here.

5. EO — GSEA

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is the premier global competition for students who own and operate a business while attending college or university the Entrepreneurs Organization.

Nominees compete against their peers from around the world in a series of local and national competitions in the hope of qualifying for the Global Finals and representing their countries.

GSEA empowers student entrepreneurs to become the most world influencer change, makers. It gives students the platform to accelerate their success, showcase their creativity, challenge their status quo and connect them to other like-minded students across the globe.

Read more about EO GSEA here.


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