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The Technical Specialist Savings Groups and Women’s Empowerment (TSWE) provides technical leadership for Global Communities’ Women Empowered (WE) savings and lending group activities. Women Empowered, or WE, is a savings group methodology that focuses on the social and economic empowerment of women and collective community action. The TSWE will be a national thought leader, and develop a model that equips women to shape their futures and community groups to increase their household income security. The TSWE will be responsible for developing clear implementation models to standardize WE group operations and enable replication. The TSWE represents the programme in Village Savings and Loans and women’s empowerment technical meetings and provides oversight for the planning, implementation, monitoring, innovation, and evaluation for WE program activities and budgets.


Technical Leadership:

  • Develops clear Digital Operations Manuals, tools and training for the Programme’s Women’s Empowerment Model
  • Develops and delivers WE training and tools using digital technology to accelerate learning, increase uptake and ease replication.
  • Attends national technical working groups and conferences on Women’s Empowerment and women’s financial inclusion
  • Leads the process for WE Groups to identify bottlenecks and collaboratively identify solutions
  • Remains focused on transforming the program models into cost-effective replication strategies.
  • Develops the reputation as the country’s premier VSL model
  • Develops and implements a private sector engagement strategy to enable replication

Innovation & Program Quality:

  • Identifies opportunities to improve program approaches
  • Explores new ways to use digital technology to reduce costs, increase scalability and make replication easier.
  • Develops and teaches others to consistently deliver WE training curriculum for groups
  • Strengthens capacity of Dodoma and Mara region administrations and the ward education officers extension systems to oversee and support the WE groups
  • Develops and nurtures a system to monitor adherence to existing quality indicators for WE model implementation

Digitalisation of Savings Groups:

  • Lead the process to identifying risks, barriers and challenges faced by savings group members
  • when digitizing group functions.
  • Lead the design and implementation of strategies to incorporate digital tools into savings groups
  • programs
  • Lead the development and deployment of the digital Programme WE Model that will include digital operations manuals, tools, training curriculum and materials.

Project Management:

  • Tracks and reports on the WE group activities.
  • Oversees the development and monitoring of annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly work plans for the WE sector.
  • Supervises the implementation of the WE team activities
  • Ensures close coordination with MEL to ensure the appropriate data is being collected
  • Develops and monitors the sector budget, ensuring spending is within the approved budget
  • Proactively coordinates planning and implementation with the other technical sectors to ensure smooth and cost effectiveness implementation.
  • Plans and shares procurement, logistical requirements in advance
  • Prepares WE related reports
  • Publishes at least two success stories per year.

Technical Capacity Building:

  • Leads the recruitment, training and supervision of the WE officers.
  • Mentors, coaches and trains staff and partners to build their capacity to support WE activities
  • Nurtures an enabling environment, linking annual performance objectives to key performance indicators
  • Develops strategies to replicate WE groups through the program regions.
  • Manages project staff relationships and resolves conflict during project implementation.


  • Lead the development and management of partnerships with local, regional and national government agencies in the promotion of women ́s empowerment efforts and capacity building as needed
  • Consistently develops high quality presentations and other materials. Reviews and approves presentations prior to dissemination
  • Collaborates with sector leads to identify operations and technical services support required from the Headquarters (HQ), schedule and follow up with the HQ on provision of support needed.
  • Supports DCoP in building and maintaining relationships with donors, local partners, government
  • Represents the programme in other external meetings

Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Evaluate the performance of the Women Empowered implementation team through data and periodic field supervision visits and identify strategies to address issues and improve program quality
  • Support MEL in developing MIS for WE activities: collecting, cleaning & compilation, analysis and utilisation.
  • Develop systems to identify and report on program progress and quality of the activities
  • Ensure the WE team is fully competent in the data management system, focusing on utilisation.
  • Lead the development of tools based upon WE standard M&E tools for monitoring against project objectives, outputs and activities as per the project design
  • Contributes in preparations, reviews and dissemination of program results via documentaries, quarterly reports, semi-annual progress reports (SAPR) and success stories

Education and Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Social Sciencies, Economics, Social Work, Gender Studies, Public Administration or related Field.


  • Minimum five years of verifiable experience in all of the following:
    • Women ́s economic empowerment and/or economic development programming (including savings groups, digital record keeping and basic business skills)
    • Implementation of development programs and the promotion of gender equality in community settings
    • Adult education and life skills programming
    • Inter-institutional coordination and capacity building of local partners (including government agencies)
    • Supervision of field personnel
  • Experience linking community savings groups to digital banking services
  • Experience in mentoring and training on women’s financial inclusion and economic empowerment
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, problem solving and negotiation skills; project management skills; ability to work with a multidisciplinary team.
  • Knowledge of the areas of intervention as well as relevant government development priorities and policies.
  • Availability to travel 30-40% of the time to project sites
  • In-depth experience in coordinating with government structures and representatives
  • Experience in collaborating and doing business the private sector
  • Preferred, completion of a Leadership program in the past 3 years.


  • Ability to develop implementation technical models that can be replicated
  • Ability to coordinate work across different programmatic areas
  • Proven success as trainer
  • Strong understanding of and commitment to expanding village savings and loan programs
  • Knowledge of new and emerging technologies and their application to solving development challenges (e.g., operating mobile apps, e-learning or SMS technology)
  • Good communication Skills and ability to speak, read and write in both English and Kiswahili.
  • Proficient Microsoft skills including the use of Microsoft 365 suite of applications
  • Expert planner and overseer of work for geographical disperse teams
  • Demonstrates Adaptability to ever-changing scenarios and challenges
  • A problem solver, teacher, mentor, and innovator.

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