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Corporate Banking


The Head of Global Markets will be the secretary of the ALCO Committee that sets guidelines for and reviews risks embedded in the balance sheet. The incumbent will be responsible for the analysis and implementation of the liquidity framework as well as the management of the respective liquidity risks within the risk appetite as defined by the Board. Further, the job holder will oversee and nurture the relationship of the bank with other Financial Institutions through the delivery of innovative and customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of Financial Institutions. The role involves providing oversight to the Global Markets team, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of regulatory conduct and compliance practices as defined by internal and external requirements. This includes compliance with the local banking laws, other applicable laws, and anti-money laundering regulations and guidelines.



Financial 60% -  

  • Participate in the development of the Bank’s overall Strategies, which maximize shareholder value and are aligned to the furtherance of the overall Strategic direction of the bank.
  • Drive profitability of the bank by overseeing the Trading and Sales activities, Fixed Income, and Balance Sheet Management covering Money Markets, Investments, and Liquidity Management.
  • Lead the balance sheet composition and interest rate risk strategy for the bank to ensure Net Interest Income budgets are met.
  • Lead the Correspondent banking team to generate revenue across various products (cash, trade, Global Markets) from the financial institution's portfolio

Internal business processes 10% -

  • Responsible for the oversight of Global Market Sales, Trading, ALM, Research, Financial Institutions and Business Support teams within Global Markets.
  • Develop and maintain a robust and consistent global liquidity management framework including comprehensive documentation and effective communication to regulators and businesses.
  • Lead forecasting of banks' funding, taking into account changes in liquidity requirements and economic conditions
  • Support stakeholders in fully understanding the framework and the related liquidity risks to help the business utilize the steering information for business optimization.
  • Manage the Bank’s Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Risks and Exposures, ensuring that market movements are monitored continuously to facilitate sound decisions and ensure that the Bank’s exposures are maintained within approved limits and prudential considerations.
  • As a member of the Assets and Liabilities Committee and Management Committee take a proactive role in influencing policy and strategic direction of the Bank.
  • To develop a control framework for forecasting and managing budgets at operating and capital expenditure levels.
  • Ensure that all Global Markets processes are adhered to in line with the approved policies and procedures.
  • Oversee, recommend, and implement upgrades and improvements to global market policies and procedures, as necessary.
  • Lead multiple projects aligned to key transformation efforts across the global specialists’ organization.
  • Make sure any delegation of formal authority is correctly documented and recorded.

Customer 20%

  • Interpret and implement client strategy (and exceptions) – including appropriateness and suitability – at the unit level consistent with the overall bank strategy.
  • To increase awareness of Global Markets functions and products through the creation of strong stakeholder and client relationships.
  • Maintain relationships with other Financial Institutions, and government regulators and coordinate relationships with rating agencies.
  • Maintain a close working relationship with other liquidity, funding, and strategist groups within the bank, as well as with the banks' Investment, Liquidity Risk, Market Risk, Control, and Financial Planning and analysis teams.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of products and services to meet our business customers’ global market
  • Manage the quality of the portfolio of Global Markets products by improving current products and developing new ones to ensure the Bank’s dynamic responsiveness to the needs of targeted market segments.

Learning and growth 10%

  • Build a Global Markets team capable of ensuring delivery of the business’ short and longer-term objectives through coaching and develop a succession plan for global markets designed to deliver country business strategy.
  • Identification and selection of key critical hires and deployment of appropriate talents across the Global Markets team to deliver the strategy, with a commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Maintain and enhance industry knowledge of global market solutions, pricing, and products.
  • Ensure the development of support platforms that include all functions (people, technology, and processes) match the needs of client-facing activities in Tanzania.
  • Lead through example and build the appropriate culture and values in line with the Bank’s values
  • Set appropriate tone and expectations from the team.
  • Ensure that there are proper succession plans for key roles and career development for the

Stakeholder Management: key stakeholders that the position holder will need to liaise/work with to be successful in this role.


  • Senior Management
  • Business Units Heads – Corporate Banking
  • Business Units Relationship Managers
  • Branches
  • Financial Market Operations
  • Trading Team
  • Legal
  • Market Risk
  • Credit


  • Existing and Prospective Clients
  • Competitors
  • Regulatory Authorities


Education and Qualifications

  • University degree or equivalent, postgraduate qualification preferred.
  • ACI Certification or equivalent


  • At least 10 years of working experience in Global market operations and 5 years at managerial level.
  • Seasoned manager with over 5 years experience in senior management roles in a large, preferably regional commercial bank, managing diverse teams, with a proven ability to plan, develop, and implement complex strategic goals and initiatives that require the effective management of resources over short and long time frames


Technical Competencies

Technical Skills

  • Strong understanding of Global Market and business functions and concepts, with experience leading Global Market based (or business) optimization strategies
  • Current understanding of regulatory compliance issues relating to Global Markets products.
  • Ability to rationalize risk and reward of different funding instruments and plans, taking into account liquidity risk, profitability and regulation
  • Good knowledge of operational and system user requirements for financial products.


Behavioural Competencies

Leadership skills

  • Nurture and sustain employee satisfaction and manage changes.
  • Organization development to effectively structure the team for optimal performance.
  • Effective management skills to achieve business results through team building, mentoring, and fostering an environment where staff can thrive and performance is always improving.

 Interpersonal skills

  • Direct experience with regulators and very strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to develop rapport/credibility with diverse groups.
  • Ability to manage multiple high-priority deliverables in a deadline-driven environment.

Reporting To

  • Managing Director




Banking: 10 Years



Corporate Banking: 5 Years