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Fleet Management


Fleet and Facilities Coordinator is responsible for office facility organization and management, including work order coordination, security badge and access assignments, database management, and providing general support services for the staff. The incumbent is in charge of the maintenance, safety and security of the office building. The Coordinator will be the first point of contact for internal and external customers seeking support and information regarding facilities. Additionally, the incumbent, under the supervision of the Procurement Manager, will manage all outside contractors including maintaining records and contracts, coordinating project activities, and providing scheduling support. The Fleet and Facilities Coordinator oversees all activities inside the office building, making sure that health and safety standards are met and arranging for repairs when needed, tracking expenses and coordinating with external vendors. The Coordinator will also have responsibility for management of Company vehicles, both for management and field operations. This will include use of remote monitoring systems to review driver behavior, vehicle allocation and maintenance scheduling.


  • Arrange for regular maintenance of equipment and internal systems (e.g. Air conditioning systems, alarms, security cameras).
  • Check devices, structures and systems (e.g. fire alarms and air-conditioners) on a regular basis and identify needs for repairs and renovations.
  • Check rooms and furniture to identify needs for repairs or renovations.
  • Design and oversee the schedule for cleaning, fumigating and disinfecting the building.
  • Monitor activities that happen outside the building, such as proper waste disposal and recycling. Fix minor malfunctions in office appliances and equipment.
  • Coordinate office and parking space allocation. Keep track of regular and ad-hoc facility expenses.
  • Conduct market research and compare costs and benefits when evaluating existing and new vendors.
  • Coordinate with external vendors, such as cleaners and insurance agents, and conduct cost analyses when purchasing new systems or services.
  • Maintain an updated record of invoices from external partners (e.g. suppliers, insurance agents, security guards). Research new services and appliances to facilitate operations.
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Removing hazardous materials from all areas accessible to employees and guests. Maintain external contacts data as needed.
  • Manage the Security access-control database in conjunction with the Security Contractor. Coordinate all Facilities activities, work direction, and support systems.
  • Supervise and train facility contractors as needed.
  • Manage, maintain and stock parts, supplies, and materials.
  • Manage work request, assigning work orders, entering system data, and providing the overall administration. Assess business needs for vehicles and secure services as required.
  • Review driver behaviour using monitoring software and take corrective action when necessary. Schedule and manage routine vehicular maintenance, taking into account
  • business needs. Design and implement procedures to be used in case of accidents or emergencies.
  • Implement fuel card controls and review fuel consumption data to identify anomalies. Other projects and duties as assigned. v

Education and Qualifications

  • BSc in Facility Management or Business Administration is preferred; and
  • 3-5 years’ experience of facilities management experience. Strong knowledge of facilities management operations. Familiarity with office equipment and security system. Understanding of safety regulations in offices


  • The employee shall comply with the provisions of health, safety and environment legislation and shall also comply with the Company’s policies and procedures including occupational health and safety and wellness policies, and any modifications to any policy that may be introduced from time to time.
  • All employees must live Company’s Core Principles and work proactively in a customer-related way in accordance with adopted procedures and best practice.
  • To work co-operatively with colleagues and external stakeholders to promote Company’s overall business objectives.
  • To ensure that confidentiality is respected and maintained at all times.
  • To perform any other duty as directed by line management.

Reporting To

Procurement Manager




Telecom Services & Equipment: 3 Years




Fleet Management: 3 Years