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Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)


The EHSS Manager is responsible to offer expert knowledge and skills in order to generate and promote a positive Health, Safety, Security, and Environment culture at the Company by assisting to control occupational risk.  The incumbent is also responsible;

  • To ensure that all safety legislation is adhered to and policies and practices are adopted.
  • To plan, implement, monitor, and review the protective and preventative measures that the Company chooses, and work to minimize operational losses, occupational health problems, accidents, and injuries.
  • To establish an Occupational Health and Safety management system certified as OHSAS 18001 compliant.
  • To ensure the safety of people or property (assets) from any sort of damages, like fire, robbery, theft, or violence in the Company premises.


  • Understanding all EHSS regulations/legislation and ensure full compliance and making changes to working practices that are safe and comply with legislation.
  • Preparing EHSS manual (regulations) and regularly updating it.
  • Achieving all strategic objectives and manage all financial accountabilities.
  • Preparing HSSE strategies and developing internal policy.
  • Outlining safe operational procedures which identify and take account of all relevant hazards.
  • Providing input and recommendation to the Executive on the Company strategy, mission, and vision statements.
  • Preparing presentations of annual budgets and strategic plans to the Executive for Board approval.
  • Manage and implement the Health & Safety Environment (HSE) Plan.
  • Assessing the adequacy of the risk management mitigating strategy by carrying out risk assessments and considering how risks could be reduced.
  • Assist Chief Operations Officer (COO) to provide the Compliance Committee of the Board with a three-year rolling Group Strategic Risk Management plan and an annual EHSS risk plan for the first year of the rolling plan.
  • Implement approved operational plans, strategies, policies, and procedures within the Operations Division.
  • Schedule EHSS projects and staff assignments so as to be responsive to management’s special needs and requests within the scope of activities overall schedule.
  • Review and approve the purpose, scope, and risk management approach of each project for assigned areas of risk coverage and risk-mitigating programs.
  • Manage and direct planning and execution and accumulation of evidentiary data.
  • Leading in-house training with managers and employees about Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental issues and risks;
  • Providing training and supervision of staff to see that the approved EHSS management objectives are met and that adequate practical coverage is achieved.
  • Reviewing and editing draft EHSS management reports, discuss the reports with appropriate management and evaluate responses and schedule follow-up projects to be performed
  • Keeping records of inspections findings and producing reports that suggest improvements;
  • Keeping records of incidents and accidents and producing statistics for managers.
  • Keeping up-to-date with new legislation and maintaining a working knowledge of all EHSS Executive legislation and any developments that affects the industry.
  • Accumulating data, maintaining records and preparing reports on the administration of EHSS projects and other assigned activities.
  • Producing management reports, and communication to management and staff e.g. newsletters bulletins Safety moments, etc.
  • Ensuring the safe installation of equipment.
  • Carrying out regular site inspections to check policies and procedures are being properly implemented.
  • Managing and organizing the safe disposal of hazardous substances.
  • Advising on a range of specialist areas, e.g. fire regulations, hazardous substances, noise, safeguarding machinery, and occupational diseases.
  • Prepare and retain residual risk register for all tower sites within the portfolio


  • Responsible for effectively and efficiently managing and controlling the day-to-day affairs of EHSS, monitoring and evaluating Company and Service Provider EHSS monitoring systems and the management thereof.
  • Managing reviews or projects done by internal and/or external resources.
  • Engaging and supervising the service providers and service level agreements that have a direct impact on EHSS.


  • Resolving/redirecting queries from all stakeholders, inclusive of the Boards and Government Agencies.
  • Following up on outstanding EHSS issues and management actions.
  • Establish and meet service level agreement with COO.
  • Managing budget within its delegated authority.



  • Developing and executing the EHSS management mitigating strategy of the Company.
  • Undertaking reviews of operations to ensure that EHSS management structures and measures are in place and maintained effectively.
  • Assessing EHSS risks associated with the operations of the company, report on findings and recommend changes where appropriate.
  • Planning, executing and reporting to the Compliance when necessary.
  • Improving and quality assure the Company’s EHSS management, risk strategies and relevant key governance processes, in line with the overall Company initiatives.
  • Reviewing the Company’s HSE structures and processes


  • Monitoring staff performance.
  • Determining staff development plans and training needs.
  • Ensuring knowledge of and compliance with all legislative requirements as well as Company policies and procedures.
  • Recruiting employees; assign and direct work, oversee their development, identify training needs and maintain staff competence.
  • Establishing and evaluating Key Performance Indicators.
  • Providing an advisory and support function.
  • Initiating the appropriate Labour Relations action required within the department


  • Reporting directly to the COO on EHSS risk management activities. This report must include significant risk exposures and mitigating strategy issues, corporate governance issues, and all matters needed or requested by the Board and Senior Management that involve HSE management.
  • Reporting significant issues related to the process for maintaining and controlling the activities of the Group and its strategic partners, including potential improvements to those processes or structures, and provide information concerning such issues through resolution.
  • Providing annually an assessment on the adequacy and effectiveness of the Company’s processes for mitigating risks in its activities and managing its risks in the areas set forth under the missions and scope of work.
  • Periodically providing information on the status and results of the annual EHSS plan and the sufficiency of department resources.
  • Reviewing and reporting significant issues dealing with environmental matters to the COO.


  • Ensuring systematic identification and management of CSR issues relevant to the Company’s operations.
  • Assisting executive management in documenting and implementing the Company’s commitments to and objectives for social and environmental performance standards.
  • Reviewing HIV/AIDS performance—including policies and practices, and reporting regularly to stakeholders who require a reputable reporting benchmark to assess the Company’s HIV/AIDS performance.


  • Strictly applying and adhering to Company’s EHSS procedures and rules.
  • Managing conformance to Legislation and Company’s EHSS standards.
  • Managing, identifying, and minimizing Company’s exposure to operational risk.
  • Monitoring, investigating, and reporting all EHSS matters and incidents.
  • Ensuring the appointment of the EHSS representatives, First-aiders, evacuation wardens, and establishing / maintenance of EHSS Committees as per legislation and Company’s requirements.


  • Comply with the provisions of health, safety, and environmental legislation in Tanzania, and shall also comply with Company’s policies and procedures including occupational health and safety and wellness policies, and any modifications to any policy that may be introduced from time to
  • Live Company’s Core Principles and work proactively in a customer-related way in accordance with adopted procedures and best
  • Work cooperatively with colleagues and external stakeholders to promote the Company’s overall business
  • Ensure that confidentiality is respected and maintained at all
  • Perform any other duty as directed by line management.


  • Ensure positive team actions under any circumstances.
  • Ensure ongoing feedback is provided and corrective action is taken where required.
  • Focus on solutions, not problems.
  • Ensure that appearance and behavior are always in line with the Company’s policies and other guidelines.
  • In a timely manner, escalate matters as appropriate to the line manager and/or the escalation matrix stipulated in the relevant Company / Group policy.


  • Ensure that own vehicle and other company equipment is operated in line with health and safety guidelines.
  • Raise any HSSE deviations and/or perceived problems/concerns to the urgent attention of senior management.
  • Ensure that all officers within the department comply with the Organisation’s health and safety requirements

Education and Qualifications

  • Degree in Occupational Safety/ Life Science/ Engineering/ Health studies or a background in Science, Technology, and Environmental management.
  • 5+ years experience in a Health and Safety environment position.
  • Additionally, 3+ years of Supervisory / Management experience.
  • Experience in working in scientific and Technical fields at an operational level
  • Understanding industrial processes are valuable.
  • Knowledge of computer applications.
  • Knowledge and understanding of all legislative requirements relating to occupational health, safety, security, and environment.
  • EHSS issues and Codes of practice relevant to the industry including OSHA & ISO regulations.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the impact of the failure of key systems and processes including loss of containment and threat to the environment.


  • Strategic management skills
  • Performance management skills
  • Management & leadership skills
  • Strong communication and reporting skills (written and oral), including the ability to present ideas and suggestions clearly and effectively
  • Strong organizational skills; ability to accomplish multiple tasks within the agreed-upon timeframes through effective prioritization of duties and functions in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong track record of building and maintaining solid relationships with both internal and external customers and vendors.
  • Occupational Safety, Health, Security and Environment awareness
    • Working knowledge of risk management and loss control practices.
    • Working knowledge of EHSS and prevention procedures.
  • Ability to analyze and understand EHSS policies and procedures.
  • Maintain efficient risk management systems and procedures.
  • Ability to analyze risks and exposures.
  • Ability to establish relationships with the vendors, claimants, and the relevant government departments.
  • Ability to work with functional groups and different levels of employees throughout the organization to effectively and professionally achieve business results
  • Strong follow-up skills; ability to organize applicable department timelines and follow up with internal and external customer needs as needed
  • Self-motivated, able to work both independently to complete tasks and respond to department requests as well as collaborating with others to utilize resources and knowledge in identifying

Reporting To

Chief Operations Officer




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Health, Safety & Environment (HSE): 5 Years